Biomedical Science Minor

Students who wish to develop focused competencies in the broad area of the biomedical sciences can complement their major academic program with a minor in biomedical science (BMS).

The minor consists of a minimum of 20 credits, no more than 8 of which can also be used to fulfill major requirements.  A grade of C-minus or better is required for all courses counted towards the minor.  A "C average" (2.00) is required in courses that the minor department approves. Pass/fail courses can not be used for the minor. It is the student’s responsibility to file an Intent to Minor form with the BMS minor advisor by the end of the junior year and to complete a Certification of Completion of Minor form during their final semester at UNH.

Required Courses:

BIOL 411Introductory Biology: Molecular and Cellular4
BMS 508Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
or ANSC 512 Anatomy and Physiology

Choose courses from this list to reach a minimum of 20 credits (choice may be limited if student does not have the prereqs for certain courses):

BMS 501Microbes in Human Disease4
BMS 503
BMS 504
General Microbiology
and General Microbiology Laboratory
BMS 560
BMS 561
Body Fluids
and Body Fluids Laboratory
BMS 602
BMS 603
Pathogenic Microbiology
and Pathogenic Microbiology Laboratory
BMS 610Biomedical Lab Management4
BMS 623Histology: Microscopic Cellular Structure and Function4
BMS 635Preceptorial in Prehospital Care2
BMS 640Phlebotomy Theory2
BMS 644Clinical Hematology3
BMS 650Molecular Diagnostics4
BMS 655Human and Animal Parasites3
BMS 656Immunohematology3
BMS 658Medical Biochemistry3
BMS 702Endocrinology4
BMS 703Infectious Disease and Health4
BMS 704Pathologic Basis of Disease4
BMS 705Immunology3
BMS 706Virology3
BMS 711Toxicology4
BMS 712Experiences in Applied Veterinary Diagnostics2
BMS #716Public Health: Food- and Water-borne Diseases4
BMS 718Mammalian Physiology4
BMS 719Host-Microbe Interactions4
BMS 720Mycology, Parasitology, and Virology3
BMS 730Ethical Issues in Biomedical Science4
BMS 740Human Microbiome4
BMCB 605Principles of Cell Biology4
BMCB 753Cell Culture5
GEN 704Genetics of Prokaryotic Microbes5
GEN 717Molecular Microbiology5
HMP 501Epidemiology and Community Medicine4
NUTR 750Nutritional Biochemistry4