Music Major: Performance Study Option (B.A.)

The Discovery Program capstone requirement is fulfilled by a final project or a public performance given during the senior year. For students in the performance study option, a full recital is required.

Candidates for a degree must satisfy all of the University Discovery Program requirements in addition to satisfying the requirements of each individual major program. Bachelor of arts candidates must also satisfy the foreign language proficiency requirement.

Major department courses may not be used to satisfy Discovery category requirements except in the case of a second major. B.A. in music majors may use MUSI 502 Musics in Context (a required core course for the major) to satisfy the Inquiry Discovery requirement.

Bachelor of Arts in Music Core Curriculum

MUSI 471
MUSI 472
Theory I
and Theory I
MUSI 473
MUSI 474
Ear Training I
and Ear Training I
MUSI 475
MUSI 476
Functional Piano I
and Functional Piano I 1
MUSI 571
MUSI 572
Theory II
and Theory II
MUSI 573
MUSI 574
Ear Training II
and Ear Training II
MUSI 575
MUSI 576
Functional Piano II
and Functional Piano II 1
MUSI 501
MUSI 502
The Western Musical Canon
and Musics in Context
MUSI 515Music in World Cultures4
MUSI 540Recital Attendance0
Advanced Music History: select one of the following3
Music of the Renaissance
Music of the Baroque
Music of the Classical Period
Music of the Romantic Period
Music of the 20th and 21st Centuries
Art Song
Survey of Opera
Select one of the following:3
Analysis: Form and Structure
Analysis: Form and Structure
Performance Study (Applied Lessons): select from the following courses
Performing Ensemble: select variable credits from the following courses 2
Total Credits36

Students will be given the opportunity to test out of MUSI 475 Functional Piano I, MUSI 476 Functional Piano I and MUSI 575 Functional Piano II, MUSI 576 Functional Piano II.


A maximum of 8 ensemble credits may count toward graduation for all bachelor of arts in music students.

Degree program has final approval from the National Association of Schools of Music.

Performance Study Option Requirements

Instrumental Performance Concentration
MUSI 731Conducting2
Performance Study (Applied Lessons): select from the following courses 1
MUSI 541, MUSI 546, MUSI 547, MUSI 548, MUSI 549, MUSI 550, MUSI 551, MUSI 552, MUSI 553, MUSI 554, MUSI 555, MUSI 556, MUSI 557, MUSI 558, MUSI 559, MUSI 560, MUSI 561, MUSI 562, MUSI 563, MUSI 5648
MUSI 741, MUSI 746, MUSI 747, MUSI 748, MUSI 749, MUSI 751, MUSI 752, MUSI 753, MUSI 754, MUSI 755, MUSI 756, MUSI 757, MUSI 758, MUSI 759, MUSI 760, MUSI 761, MUSI 762, MUSI 763, MUSI 7648
Performing Ensemble: select from the following courses
MUSI 450, MUSI 451, MUSI 452, MUSI 453, MUSI 454, MUSI 455, MUSI 456, MUSI 457, MUSI 459, MUSI 460, MUSI 462, MUSI 463, MUSI 4648
Total Credits26
Vocal Performance Concentration
MUSI 731Conducting2
MUSI 520Diction for Singers I2
MUSI #521Diction for Singers II2
Performance Study (Applied Lessons) 1
MUSI 545Voice8
MUSI 745Voice8
Performing Ensemble: select from the following courses8
Concert Choir
Chamber Singers
Vocal Arts Project
Language Requirement:8
Elementary French I
and Elementary French II
Elementary German I
and Elementary German II
Elementary Italian I
and Elementary Italian II
Total Credits38

2 credits per semester

  • Demonstrate the ability to perform a specialization instrument or voice at an appropriate solo level and/or in small ensemble and large ensemble.
  • Aurally identify, analyze, and work conceptually with the elements of music in a variety of musical styles.
  • Students will demonstrate familiarity with musical literature from the formal concert repertory and from musical traditions outside of that repertory.
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop and defend musical judgments in writing and in oral presentation.
  • Demonstrate collegiate-level skills in the English language, competence in written and oral communication in English, and fluency in communicating and synthesizing musical, historical and analytical concepts in writing.
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform a specialization instrument or voice at the level of an advanced undergraduate student, or young professional, including a high level of technical and artistic competence, and to work independently in both solo practicing and small ensemble rehearsals.
  • Demonstrate maturity in musical performance, using performance and liberal-arts tools and insights to create an artistic product.
  • Students will plan, prepare, and perform a solo recital in collaboration with faculty and staff that includes both organizational elements and artistic preparation.