Study Abroad Programs

The University offers opportunities for full-time degree candidates meeting eligibility criteria to pursue a wide variety of education abroad experiences, including study, intern, service and research in many countries around the world. UNH-managed and exchange study programs are described in this section. Students may study abroad in other locations through UNH-approved programs by using the intercollegiate option (INCO). All students who study abroad pay a study abroad administration fee and an international travel insurance fee.  For more information, contact the Global Education Center,  (603) 862-2398 or visit or the department identified in the UNH-managed program descriptions.


UNHM BSCI 620 Global Science Exploration

This 4-credits course includes a spring break trip to Belize investigating living organisms in their natural habitat. Students will participate in pre-trip seminars on the country, local flora, fauna and habitats they will visit. Students will design a project to integrate their personal interests and objections with in-country investigation. Post-trip seminar will focus on preparation of project and its presentation. Prereq: BIOL 413 and 414, or BIOL 411 and 412. Permission required. For more information contact the faculty director, Patricia Halpin.

UNH Archaeological Field School in Belize

Offered in the summer, the UNH Archaeological Field School in Belize is a four-week program where students excavate ancient Maya sites and are trained in archaeological field and lab techniques. Assisted by program staff, each student chooses a topic of original field research to focus on (e.g., analyses of a particular artifact class, architecture, excavation, or survey results from the project). The program is directed by Eleanor Harrison-Buck, assistant professor of anthropology, who has worked on archaeological projects in Belize and Guatemala since 1992. For more information, visit

Archaeological Survey and Mapping in Belize

A January-term course, Archaeological Survey and Mapping in Belize (ANTH 674 Archaeological Survey and Mapping in Belize, 4 credits), offers students hands-on training in survey and mapping techniques, as well as digital cartography using ArcGIS mapping software. This program is also directed by Eleanor Harrison-Buck. For more information, visit


University of Sao Paulo Ribeirao preto Exchange Program

Focused studies in all aspects of music with immersion in Portuguese language and Brazilian culture. This exchange with University of Sao Paulo Ribeirao Preto grew out of collaborations between UNH's and USP-RP's Departments of Music, and offers small group interaction with professors and Brazilian students, and participation in extra-curricular activities, including Filarmonica, Jazz Band, Grupuri (percussion group), and several choirs. This is an ideal exchange for independent students wanting to travel abroad and continue work on their music major.  Contact the Global Education Center, (603) 862-2398, email or visit


National Student Exchange

Students may spend one or two semesters at one of ten campuses in Canada, through the National Student Exchange (NSE) program. While having the opportunity to learn in a Canadian environment, participants maintain their status as UNH students, pay UNH tuition, and will be able to graduate from UNH on schedule. The exchange is open to students from all UNH majors. Participants must provide proof of proficiency in French for Francophone campuses in Quebec. Interested students should contact Paula DiNardo, Study Away USA office, Hood House, (603) 862-3485, or visit


Cruise Ship Management (HMGT 698 Topics)

Offered in January term, this 4-credit course explores through text and on-board experience key areas of cruise ship management: food and beverage, HR, finance, yield management, front office, housekeeping, safety, security, sanitation, and interoperating. Students will participate in a 12-14 day cruise that sails round trip from New York City, after brief class time in Durham during the fall semester. HMGT 698 Topics counts as an elective for majors and minors in hospitality management or any UNH student in proper standing.  Students need to commit by the end of September with a deposit to satisfy Cruise Line requirements. For more information, contact Carl E. Lindblade, affiliate professor, Department of Hospitality Management.


Chengdu Spring Program

Semester study of Chinese language and culture at Chengdu University. Upper-level students in the Chinese language program as well students with little to no background in the Chinese language are able to spend a full semester in China learning Chinese language and culture first-hand. Chengdu has a population of 14 million! It is one of the most advanced metropolises in China's southwest. Students immersed in such a city for a semester will not only improve their language skills but will also gain insights beyond what they could learn in classrooms in the U.S. They will have a chance to see the challenges and opportunities facing Chengdu and to compare and contrast China policies and practices with those in U.S. The program faculty director is Yige Wang. For more information, visit

Chengdu Summer Program

This summer short-study program (just under three weeks long) includes travel and intensive Chinese language study at both the beginner and advanced levels at Chengdu University in China. The city of Chengdu is the economic hub for China's southwest. It is also the hometown for the giant Pandas. Forbes Magazine recently ranked the city of Chengdu as the No.1 city with the greatest potential. Students also visit the cities of Beijing and Xi'an. The program typically runs in late May and early June. It is open to all students; however, space is limited. The program faculty director is also Yige Wang. For more information, visit

Chengdu University Exchange Program

Chengdu University in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, is UNH's partner in the Confucius Institute, a non-profit educational institution housed in the College of Liberal Arts that offers a full curriculum in Chinese language and culture. Out of this partnership grew an undergraduate exchange program in which UNH students have the opportunity to study Chinese language and culture in an immersive setting by directly enrolling at Chengdu University. Located in the Shiling Historical and Cultural Scenic Area, the large, gated campus is beautifully landscaped with gardens, ponds, and tree-lined passages with easy access to downtown Chengdu. For more information, contact the Global Education Center, (603) 862-2398, e-mail or visit

City University Hong Kong Exchange Program

Study abroad in Hong Kong, a vibrant former British colony in southeastern China, famous for its bustling port, tower-studded skyline, and lively food scene. CityU Hong Kong offers professional education that prepares its students for the challenges and exciting opportunities opening up in Hong Kong, the Asia-Pacific region, and throughout the world in business, science and engineering, energy and environment, law, creative media and social sciences. Through its extensive links with relevant industries, CityU provides real-life opportunities for students to work with and learn from professionals in the workplace. CityU is AACSB approved and thus attractive to business majors. Other fields of excellence include political science, engineering, applied social sciences, public policy, and media and communications. Summer study is available. Contact the Global Education Center, (603) 862-2398, email or visit

Shanghai International Studies University Exchange program

Shanghai is the largest city in China and a major economic, financial, trade, and cultural metropolis. SISU is a prestigious institution that offers multinational and multicultural disciplines to train and prepare future global professionals for a wide range of international expertise.  Courses available in Chinese language and culture, Business and Global Studies. Contact the Center for International Education and Global Engagement, (603) 862-2398, email or visit

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Summer Program (San Joaquin de Flores)

This six-week summer immersion program offers a variety of courses in language and culture taught by the Instituto San Joaquin de Flores. The program combines two Spanish courses, cultural field trips, and weekend trips. Classes meet daily Monday through Friday. Students live with Costa Rican families. Upon the completion of the program, students earn the equivalent of 8 credit hours. The program faculty director is Lina Lee. For more information, visit

SAFS #510 Agriculture and Development in the Neotropics

Course is designed as a three-week immersion into tropical agriculture and Costa Rican ecology and culture. Agriculture plays a pivotal role in Costa Rica's history and in shaping current events. Production of horticultural and agronomic crops occurs on a variety of scales ranging from large export-based systems, to mid-sized operations for domestic sales, and sustenance-based home gardens. Examples of all systems will be visited and discussions will focus on their overall sustainability. Sustainability is a broad concept and requires consideration of socio-cultural, environmental, and economic factors. Agriculture and agricultural products infuse the culture as seen by large participation in farmers markets and appreciation for a wide variety of fruits and vegetables prepared in myriad ways. An appreciation for nature also infuses the culture and is embodied by the country's extensive system of national parks and protected reserves along with the national philosophy of "Pura Vida."  SAFS #510 Agriculture and Development in the Neotropics is open to all UNH students and and fulfills elective credit for the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems major as well as dual major in Sustainability.


Discover cuba j-term

Discover first hand the rich cultural and artistic life of Cuba through this January-Term course. Led by Prof. Lina Lee, UNH Spanish Program, students will participate in an online academic component prior to a 10-day experiential learning trip to Cuba. The course (LLC 555 Discover Cuba: An Arts Experience, will illuminate the art, history, culture, music, and architecture of Cuba through lectures, tours, guided readings, and site visits. The program will be based in Havana in partnership with Spanish Studies Abroad and will include field trips to the colonial cities of Trinidad and Cienfuegos. All course and site work conducted in English - no knowledge of Spanish required. For more information, visit

Dominican Republic

Perspectives on the Business Environment in the Dominican Republic

Offered in January term, MKTG 620 Topics in Marketing / MKTG 720 Topics in Marketing II, Perspectives on the Business Environment in the Dominican Republic, is a 4-credit course open to all UNH students. Students will participate in a 13-day visit to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, one of the commercial hubs of the Caribbean. The course will include two pretrip classes held in the fall, in which the students will learn about the business culture of the country, as well as a brief introduction to its history and current demographics. The group will travel to Santo Domingo where three to four hours of each weekday (32 contact hours) will be devoted to meeting with business owners and managers from a variety of industries who will discuss business practices. Upon return to Durham, a final three-hour class will be held in the spring semester to wrap up, assess the learning outcomes, and conclude the experience. Contact Audrey Ashton-Savage, the instructor for this course.

Social Action in the Dominican Republic: Exploring Culture, Poverty, Human Rights, and Social Justice in a Developing Caribbean Nation

(SW 697 Special Topics in Social Welfare / SW 897 Special Topics in Social Work and Social Welfare)

This course examines issues of culture, poverty, social development, and social justice in the Dominican Republic through direct service learning work and preparatory and reflective class sessions and discussions. Students will have the opportunity to examine development issues that have plagued the island nation for years and current efforts to address these concerns. During spring break, students and a UNH faculty member embark on a service learning adventure to work in the bateyes of the Dominican Republic. Past projects have included the building of schools, clinics, community centers, and residential houses. Additionally, students will be working in local schools, orphanages, and child welfare centers. Afternoons and evenings will be spent learning about social services in the DR from community leaders and activists, participating in cross-cultural activities with community members, learning about Dominican life and history, and reflecting upon the days' activities. Students will visit other local Haitian immigrant communities (bateyes), spend an evening in Santo Domingo, spend a night with a local family, and much more. Contact Matthew Toms.


Dijon Program

The Dijon Program offers students the chance to spend their junior year or a spring semester in Dijon, France. Students enroll directly in the Universite de Bourgogne (University of Burgundy), where they will take courses alongside French students, or at the CIEF (Centre International d'Etudes Francaises), which hosts students from around the world. Students generally live with French families in the heart of this historic city. Credit for all work completed successfully, up to 16 credits, will be automatically transferred to UNH. Though exceptions can be made by the program faculty, the semester program is generally open to those French majors who have completed:

FREN 631
FREN 632
Advanced French: Reading and Writing
and Advanced French: Listening and Speaking
FREN 651Love, War, and Power in French Literature (or equivalent)4
or FREN 652 Greatest Hits of French
Total Credits12

and to French minors who have completed:

FREN 631
FREN 632
Advanced French: Reading and Writing
and Advanced French: Listening and Speaking
FREN 651Love, War, and Power in French Literature (or equivalent)4
or FREN 652 Greatest Hits of French
Total Credits12

The program faculty director is Ileana Chirila. For more information, visit

Dijon Summer Program

The Dijon Summer Program provides the opportunity to spend four or eight weeks in Dijon, France, taking the equivalent of one or two of the following courses at the Centre International d'Etudes Francaises (CIEF):

FREN 401Elementary French I4
FREN 402Elementary French II4
FREN 503Intermediate French I4
FREN 504Intermediate French II4
FREN 631Advanced French: Reading and Writing4
FREN 632Advanced French: Listening and Speaking4

An eight-week summer option is also available in the form of FREN 691 Summer Study in Dijon (8 weeks) to French majors who cannot spend a semester abroad for documented reasons. The pre-requisites for FREN 691 Summer Study in Dijon (8 weeks) are:

FREN 631Advanced French: Reading and Writing4
FREN 632Advanced French: Listening and Speaking4
FREN 651Love, War, and Power in French Literature4
FREN 652Greatest Hits of French4

This course is worth 8 credits and consists of eight weeks of intensive French language, literature, culture, and civilization courses at the CIEF at the Universite de Bourgogne in Dijon, France. The program faculty director is Ileana Chirila. For more information, visit

Toulouse - A Culinary Exploration of Southern France

Experience first-hand the rich cultural, historical, and culinary heritage of France with a focus on its southwestern regional capital, Toulouse. Students enroll in a 2-credit version of FREN 595 French Practicum during the second half of the spring semester. On-campus class sessions will prepare students for travel and introduce them to the diversity of French cultural heritage. The program will culminate in a 2-week stay in Toulouse. Students will engage in daily activities, site visits, lectures, and day trips. While much of the in-country portion of the program will focus on the region’s culinary diversity, students will also discover the city and region’s historic highlights and engage with contemporary social and cultural topics. The program faculty director is Ileana Chirila. For more information, visit

Germany & German speaking countries

Students may study for a semester or a full year through an approved study abroad program or, in special cases, by applying directly to universities in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. Many programs require a minimum grade-point average of 3.0 and a B average in the major. Programs vary greatly in academic focus, size, language of instruction, living arrangements, services, and extra-curricular programming provided, and cost. Study abroad goals and requirements should be discussed with a German adviser as early as freshman year. Program and application materials may be obtained through the Global Education Center. For credit in the German major or minor, the program must be conducted in German. After consultation with the major adviser and the study abroad adviser to establish possible UNH course equivalents and fulfillment of major and/or Discovery Program requirements, students submit a planning form indicating the planned course of study abroad. To ensure proper credit transfer, especially if seeking to transfer credits directly from a university abroad without benefit of an Approved Program, students should keep syllabi, course descriptions, and all written work. Students planning study at a university in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland should note major differences in academic calendar (winter semester October-February, summer session April-July), which may be shortened by the Approved Program to accommodate U.S. academic calendars.

Berlin Program

The Berlin Summer Program offers students the chance to spend five weeks in Berlin, Germany. Students earn 4 or 8 credits through GERM 586 Study in Berlin, designed to give students an immersion experience in the German language and culture. Students will receive eighty hours of intensive language instruction at the appropriate level (elementary, intermediate, or advanced) at the BSI Private Language School in central Berlin. No prior German language study is required. On designated weekday afternoons, students will gather for cultural excursions and discussions with the on-site UNH faculty member. Students enrolling for 4 credits can receive the UNH German Program language course equivalent of one semester of language study. Students enrolling for 8 credits will receive the UNH German Program language course equivalent of one semester of language study as well as engage in additional UNH faculty-guided cultural study, fulfilling GERM 525 Introduction to German Culture and Civilization (Discovery World Cultures) or other pre-approved courses. Students may fulfill the bachelor of arts language requirement by taking the equivalent of Intermediate German at the BSI Language School or by taking the equivalent of the first semester of Elementary German with the program and then independently continuing language instruction at the BSI for three weeks beyond the program study period, for a total of 8 weeks. Required pre-travel meetings at UNH will prepare students for the Berlin experience. In line with UNH's goals to educate students to become global citizens, this immersion experience will give students insight into what it means to experience a different culture and language. The program is administered by the COLA Center for Study Abroad, and the faculty director is Charles Vannette. For more information, visit

Intensive Language Courses through the Goethe Institut

Students needing to advance rapidly in proficiency beginning at any level and at any time of year may enroll at a Goethe Institut center in Germany for courses ranging from eight to 16 weeks and receive UNH equivalent credit depending on level of exam passed upon completion of course. UNH's faculty contact is Charles Vannette, (603) 862-0063, or the Global Education Center, (603) 862-2398, or

German Internship

Students who have completed GERM 504 Intermediate German II or equivalent may apply for a 4-8 credit internship placement in a German-speaking firm or organization. The internship does not alone fulfill the study abroad requirement for the major, but may count toward the minor and may be coupled with academic course work through UNH or any study abroad program to fulfill the major study abroad requirement. The faculty contact person is Charles Vannette, (603) 862-4005.


Ghana Program

The Ghana Program is a spring semester program at the University of Ghana, one of West Africa's most prestigious universities. With more than 30,000 students at its campus in Legon, a suburb of Accra, Ghana's capital city, the University of Ghana offers students a broad range of exciting educational and cultural opportunities. Politically stable, safe, and with English as its official language, Ghana provides an excellent vantage point for experiencing sub-Saharan Africa and for a rich and deep study-abroad experience. All courses are taught by University of Ghana faculty in English, and courses are available in a very wide range of fields. For more information, visit

Global E3 Engineering Exchange Program

Global E3 allows engineering students to enjoy a fulfilling study abroad experience at one of 31 international member institutions. Through participation in the program, Global E3 graduates gain the necessary foreign language ability, cross-cultural skills, and professional experience to excel in the multinational/multicultural business environment of the 21st century. Global E3 students pay tuition at their home institution, and enjoy the benefits of attending an overseas one. Students can study abroad for the fall semester, spring semester, or the entire school year. At some member universities, Global E3 students are able to take on a supplemental internship after their study abroad experience. Member institutions include some of the best universities in Argentina, Australia, Austria, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom. For more information contact the Global Education Center, (603) 862-2398, email or visit



The UNH-in-Greece Program is open to any undergraduate at UNH who is interested in the long history of civilization in Greece, from the classical period to the present day. Athens is famous as the most important city-state in ancient times and as the site of some of the world’s most famous and influential architecture and art, but it is also the vibrant capital of modern Greece (The Hellenic Republic), and that combination of antiquity and modernity, as well as the city’s position between West and East, makes it an extraordinary location for on-site, experiential learning. Students earn a total of 10 credits from courses taught by both UNH and Hellenic American University faculty. The program faculty director is Stephen Trzaskoma. For more information, visit


Budapest spring justice studies and humanities program

The UNH Budapest Spring Program is open to any student interested to deepening their knowledge of modern European history, culture, and justice systems. Each spring semester a group of students, under the supervision of a UNH faculty member, study at Károli Gáspár University of Budapest. Situated along the Danube River, Budapest is an exciting and cosmopolitan city, close to other beautiful European cities such as Prague and Vienna.Under the supervision of a UNH faculty member also in residence, students carry a four-course load, two of which are taught by the UNH faculty member. The program satisfies Historical Perspectives, World Cultures, and, depending on course selection, Humanities and Fine & Performing Arts Discovery Program Requirements. All courses are taught in English. The program is faculty directors are Sue Siggelakis and Stephen Trzaskoma. For more information, visit


ANSC 510 Integration of Culture and Agriculture in Ireland: Past, Present, and Future

What was the worst natural disaster in 19th century Europe? What characterizes Ireland's agriculture in the 21st century? In this interdisciplinary course, students examine the cultural, historical, political, economic, and religious influences on Ireland's agriculture. The crowning experience of the course, a 10-day study abroad in late May, provides students with a window to the world as they experience the culture, agriculture, and topography of Ireland. Students will immerse themselves in local Irish history and culture as they tour working agricultural farms and significant landmarks. For more information, contact Patty Bedker.

Study Abroad in Athletic Training

This UNH study abroad program is open to athletic training majors who are interested in expanding and enhancing their athletic training education while also gaining an appreciation of a different culture. Students will be taking courses in the bachelor of science (honours) in sports rehabilitation and athletic therapy program at the Institute of Technology at Carlow. The increased emphasis on manual therapy application and skill by therapists in Ireland will provide the visiting UNH student with a unique opportunity to develop abilities far-beyond what they may learn in the U.S. Students may earn up to 16 credits applicable to their UNH graduation requirements. Students pay their normal UNH tuition (in-state or out-of-state as appropriate) as the tuition to study in Ireland.  Interested students should contact Daniel Sedory, (603) 862-1831.

SW 785 Study Abroad: Comparative Social Welfare Systems / SW 885 Study Abroad

Students studying abroad on SW 785 Study Abroad: Comparative Social Welfare Systems/SW 885 Study Abroad, examine the historical development of social welfare in another country, including an analysis of the underlying values and attitudes that direct practice and policy decisions. This 4-credit class includes agency site visits, lectures, themed readings, and visits to important cultural sites. Prerequisites are SW 424 Introduction to Social Work and SW 525 Social Welfare Policy: History of Social and Economic Justice. Previous programs have visited Ireland, England, Scotland, and Latvia.


UNH-in-Italy Program

Semester & Summer Programs.  In partnership with the UNH Department of Agriculture, Nutrition & Food Systems, the UNH-in-Italy Program offers students the opportunity to experience living abroad in the medieval city of Ascoli Piceno, for either a four-course, 13-week semester or a two-course, 5-week summer session. The curriculum focuses on the links between food culture, sustainably-focused agriculture, and the policies and issues impacting the food system.  Experiential activities, field trips, and group excursions encourage students to immerse themselves in the unique educational opportunity.  Students live in apartments in the historic center of the city and take UNH courses taught in English. The program is open to all UNH students and fulfills the International Experience requirement of the EcoGastronomy Dual major.  For more information, please contact Jesse Stabile Morrell.

EcoGastronomy International Experience, FALL Semester in ASCOLI PICENO, ITALY

All students who declare the dual major in EcoGastronomy spend a full semester abroad, most likely during their junior year.  The table is set fall semester in Ascoli Piceno, Italy, where students will study the links between food cultures, sustainably-focused agriculture, and the policies and issues impacting the food system.  EcoGastronomy study abroad programs are open to all UNH students.

Rome J-Term Program

The Rome Program provides the opportunity to take a January term course in Rome, Italy. Students earn 4 credits and the Fine and Performing Arts Discovery requirement through CLAS 510 Building Rome or 4 credits and the World Cultures Discovery requirement through ITAL 510: Rome: The Eternal City in Italian Culture. Experience the history, architecture, and art history of the ancient Romans the way they did—in Rome itself! Six days of study in the eternal city followed by two days in Pompeii and other sites will give students a sense of the majesty and miracle that was the ancient Roman Empire. A five-day online component prepares students for the on-site portion so that they will be ready to soak in the monuments of the past. The program faculty director is Scott Smith. For more information, visit


Saitama University Exchange Program

Accelerated Japanese language learning on Saitama University's park-like campus, just outside Tokyo. With its moderate size (9,000 students), generous scholarship opportunities, dynamic student life and recreation facilities, Saitama is an ideal fit for UNH students interested in Japanese language and culture. The university also has a wide variety of courses taught in English, which draws students from around the world. Saitama is known as the "Oasis of Tokyo"—a historic city whose forests were planted centuries ago by peace-loving Samurais who nurtured the land instead of living by the sword. Saitama is the famous backdrop for Japanese animated films.  Tokyo is less than an hour away by train. Contact the Global Education Center, (603) 862-2398, email or visit

Waseda University Exchange Program

Study abroad at one of Japan's "Ivy League" universities while paying UNH tuition. Spend a semester or academic year studying in central Tokyo, with over 50,000 students, including 5,000 international students from more than 100 countries. UNH students can enroll in a wide range of courses in English in the liberal arts, business, social sciences, political science and economics, and of course, Japanese language and culture. Waseda has a unique volunteer center, which combines lectures with hands-on activities in the field. Contact the Global Education Center, (603) 862-2398, email or visit

The Netherlands

Utrecht University Exchange Program

Open to undergraduate and graduate students in all fields, Utrecht University is one of the top research universities in Europe, with the largest undergraduate population and the largest research budget in the Netherlands. The size, status, and international population of the university ensure that courses in all areas of study are offered in English; these include the humanities, social and behavioral studies, law, economics, governance, and geosciences. Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands. It has a classically old-Dutch city center with 17th century buildings, a medieval church, several high-quality museums, and terraced canals that encircle the old city. A university town since the medieval period, Utrecht has long enjoyed a vibrant student culture. Utrecht is easily navigable by foot, bicycle, and bus; the center of the Dutch rail system, it enjoys easy access to other cities in the Netherlands and Europe (Amsterdam is 35 minutes away; Paris three hours; London a day trip by plane). Contact the Global Education Center, (603) 862-2398, e-mail, or visit

University College Utrecht Exchange Program

An honors exchange is available at the University College Utrecht (UCU), which is an international Liberal Arts and Sciences Honors College of Utrecht University. UCU's mission is to offer ambitious students an academic environment aimed at transforming their broad academic and social interests and their international orientation into academic excellence, intellectual independence, and world citizenship. UCU specializes in undergraduate education and students choose from courses in humanities, science, and social sciences. Among the special characteristics are the college's small classes and individual attention.  Students have access to all academic, social, and recreational facilities that Utrecht University has to offer.  Contact the Global Education Center, (603) 862-2398, email or visit

New Zealand

UNH-EcoQuest, New Zealand

In partnership with the UNH Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, the EcoQuest Education Foundation offers an intensive program of applied field studies in ecology, resource management, and environmental policy. New Zealand offers an ideal context for multidisciplinary, field-oriented studies, with its rich cultural traditions, diverse ecosystems, expansive natural areas, and history of innovative approaches to resource management. EcoQuest students engage hands-on in New Zealand's restoration ecology and sustainable resource management initiatives. Semester participants have the opportunity to carry out directed research projects while working closely with a faculty mentor and in association with New Zealand research partners. The rural seaside campus is located about an hour's drive southeast of Auckland. Students travel throughout New Zealand's North and South Islands to learn more about the unique ecosystems and local culture.

Students may choose either a four-course, 15-week fall or spring term for 16 credit hours, or a two-course, five-week summer session for eight credit hours. The UNH-EcoQuest Academic Program Coordinator is Kimberly Babbitt. Contact Donna Dowal, EcoQuest Director of Admissions, at (603) 862-2036 or for more information.


Russia Program

This is a four-week summer program in Russian language, culture, mythology, and propaganda in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Studying in the current and former capitals of Russia and the largest city in Europe gives students a profound image of the country, its language, and culture, as well as an overview of recent and ancient history. It is an opportunity for an intensive dose of authentic Russian culture. Prior to departure, students will work on Blackboard with readings and films. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, there will be field trip classes and special lectures. Upon return, students will complete their work on Blackboard and on a project. The program faculty director is Arna Bronstein. For more information, visit

South Korea

Pusan National University Hong Kong Exchange Program

Study abroad in Busan, South Korea's beautiful second city, known for its beaches, mountains, and temples. Pusan National University is one of Korea's leading research universities and provides a full curriculum of 600 courses offered in English for UNH students of most majors. Pusan is particularly well known for business, STEM fields, and global studies, as well as its campus life and extra-curricular opportunities. Summer study is available. Contact the Global Education Center, (603) 862-2398, email or visit


Granada Program

The Granada Program is a spring semester program in Granada, Spain. The program is designed for those who have completed SPAN 631 Advanced Conversation and Composition I or its equivalent and have a B average in Spanish, but may be open to intermediate-level students by petition. Many of the courses taught by professors from the University of Granada fulfill requirements for the Spanish major and minor and UNH Discovery Program requirements. Students generally live with host families and take courses at the Centro de Lenguas Modernas at the Universidad de Granada. The program faculty director is Lina Lee. For further information, visit

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Exchange Program

Study abroad in Madrid, Spain's historic and artistic capital that never sleeps. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, named after a former king of Spain, offers a dynamic campus of 18,000 students and the largest offering of courses taught in English in Spain. Courses are available in the areas of engineering, business (AACSB accredited), finance, accounting, economics, and political science. Contact the Global Education Center, (603) 862-2398, email or visit

U.S. Territories (Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam)


Students may spend one or two semesters at one of 12 campuses in the U.S. Territories of Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam through the National Student Exchange (NSE) program. Participants maintain their status as UNH students, pay UNH tuition, and will be able to graduate from UNH on schedule. The exchange is open to students from all UNH majors. Participants must provide proof of proficiency in Spanish for all campuses in Puerto Rico. For more information contact, Paula DiNardo, Study Away USA office, Hood House, (603) 862-3485, or visit

United Kingdom


Cambridge Program

For six weeks each summer, students from across the United States have the opportunity to participate in the UNH Cambridge Summer Program held at Cambridge University in England. Program participants choose from courses in literature and the humanities taught by faculty from Cambridge University and UNH. Students live and study at Gonville and Caius College, one of the oldest colleges at Cambridge University, and travel on excursions throughout the UK. The program is open to students who have successfully completed at least one year of college. Participation fulfills UNH's Discovery Program requirement in World Cultures. Select courses also satisfy Humanities and Historical Perspectives Discovery Program Requirements. The program faculty director is Monica Chiu. For more information,visit

Lancaster University Exchange Program

Lancaster University is a comprehensive university similar to UNH in size, setting, and program offerings. The program allows students to spend a semester or a year in Lancaster while still making normal progress toward their UNH degree. Lancaster enjoys a diverse campus and is centrally located for travel to Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and London. Contact the Global Education Center, (603) 862-2398, e-mail, or visit

London Program

The London Program offers students the chance to spend the spring semester at Regent's University in the heart of London, choosing from courses in British studies, the arts, humanities, social sciences, business, and a wide range of other basic subjects. Taught by British and American faculty members, many of the courses are specifically concerned with British studies or have a special British emphasis. The program faculty director is Sue Hertz. For more information, visit

The London Experience

This course provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about one of the greatest cities in the world. Travel to the United Kingdom for nine nights/ten days during the January term. See the many amazing historical and cultural sights and take in some of the best theatre in the English-speaking world. The course offers insight into the politics, society, and culture of London and the United Kingdom as students walk, tube, and double-decker bus their way through 2000 years of history. The 4-credit class fulfills the Fine and Performing Arts Discovery requirement. This program faculty director is David Kaye. For more information, visit

London Travel Writing

Travel writing is for the adventurous. In three weeks, students will learn to navigate London, one of the world's greatest cities, and craft compelling, vivid essays about what they've discovered. Through curiosity, research, and writing they will transcend from tourist to traveler, gaining a confidence in their ability to master the unfamiliar as well as pen publishable stories about place. Prerequisite of ENGL 501 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction or permission of instructor. This program faculty director is Susan Hertz. For more information, visit

Northern Ireland, Scotland, England

HLS 750, Emergent Topics in Homeland Security/ Homeland Defense / HIST 600, Emergent Topics

Students can combine their interests in security studies and history with travel this summer through a study broad course to Belfast, Edinburgh, Bath and London. The 17-day trip will explore homeland security challenges facing the UK. The course will focus on the Troubles in Northern Ireland during the late 20th century, including the struggle for Irish independence, and the broader responses of the UK to domestic security threats from World War II to present times. Students will spend the first two weeks of the summer term in class on the Manchester campus before traveling with the faculty to Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England. In addition to lectures, field trips and excursions, students will participate in a two-day British International Studies Association (BISA) conference in Bath. For more information contact James Ramsay, professor of security studies, or Kristen Woytonik, history lecturer.


Heriot-Watt University Exchange Program

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences students are eligible to participate in a spring semester exchange with Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Heriot-Watt is one of the UK's leading universities for business and industry and has a reputation for innovative education, enterprise, and leading-edge research in science, business, engineering, and design. Often referred to as Scotland's international University, a third of on-campus students in Scotland come from outside the UK, there are campuses in Dubai and Malaysia, and 50 international academic learning partners in 30 countries. The current program is designed for civil and environmental engineering majors. Contact the Global Education Center, (603) 862-2398, e-mail or visit


Cardiff University Exchange Program

Study abroad at one of the UK's "Ivy League" universities while paying UNH tuition. Founded in 1883, Cardiff University is recognized as one of the leading research and teaching universities in the UK and a member of the Russell Group, the UK's "Ivy League" of world-class universities. Spend a semester or academic year studying at Cardiff and benefit from learning with professors who are pioneers in their fields. Over 27,000 students have been drawn to Cardiff University, coming from Wales, the rest of the UK and more than 100 countries. UNH students can enroll in a wide range of courses and are guaranteed housing in student halls of residence, living among British and other international students. Cardiff is an excellent match for majors in music, computer science, communications, and journalism.  The University boasts over one hundred clubs, sporting teams, and societies. Cardiff University is located in the center of the capital of Wales, an exciting and diverse city and the heart of Welsh history, culture, street life, and politics. There is something for everyone in the Welsh capital, with the excitement of the small city campus located just minutes from the beautiful coastlines, hills, walking trails, and green countryside for which Wales is famous. Contact the Global Education Center, (603) 862-2398, email or visit