Pre-law Advising

The faculty and staff advisors of the UNH Pre-law Advising Committee work closely with students and alumni to identify interests and explore opportunities within legal education. The committee helps students undertake the best possible preparation for legal education while also bringing the excitement of law to UNH students. The committee achieves this goal through careful consideration of the American Bar Association's (ABA) statement on preparation for legal education.

In that statement, the ABA explains why no single major or course is required or recommended for students wishing to explore or prepare for legal study. The ABA does, however, describe certain skills and values that are essential to success in law school and to life as a lawyer. These include analytic and problem solving skills, critical reading abilities, writing skills, oral communication and listening abilities, general research skills, task organization and management skills, and the values of serving others and promoting justice.

Pre-law Advising implements the ABA statement by working with student interests and strengths to select UNH courses, internships, leadership opportunities, and experiences that will develop those skills and values. Programmatically, the committee offers individual appointments, sponsors visits to local law schools, and organizes discussions with law school students, admission and financial aid representatives, and with members of the legal community. The committee also provides advising support for LSAT preparation, law school search, writing personal statements, and the application and selection processes.

The Pre-law Advising Office is located in 110 Murkland Hall. Additional information and to schedule an appointment visit the Pre-Law website.

Accelerated Academic Programs

UNH offers two accelerated programs that allow students to earn both a bachelor's degree and a law degree at UNH in six years instead of seven: