Survey Research Minor

The survey research minor will provide students with the skills necessary to design, conduct, analyze and present survey research in a variety of professional settings. This minor will enable students to gain a strong grounding in the theory and practice of survey research, as well as learn how public opinion forms and changes over time. Students will apply what they have learned at the UNH Survey Center, nationally recognized for its public opinion and political polling. Students who complete this minor will be poised to pursue an advanced degree in this subject and, ultimately, a career in the field.

The survey research minor requires five courses (20 credits), as follows:

Core Course
POLT 512Public Opinion in American Politics4
Introduction to Research Methods Course
Select one (1) from the following:4
Smart Politics
Methods of Social Research
Research Methods
Statistics Course
Select one (1) from the following:4
Statistics in Psychology
Advanced Research Course Elective
Select one (1) from the following:4
Introduction to Healthcare Operations Analytics
Healthcare Operations Management
Marketing Research
Social Psychology
Drugs and Society
Mental Health and Society
Social Demography
Special Topics (Only topic: Survey Research in Practice)
OR other elective based on student's field of interest and approved by the coordinator
Capstone Practicum
To be chosen in consultation with the coordinator4
Total Credits20
  • Students must receive a grade of C or better for a course to count toward the minor requirements.
  • Once students have declared the minor, they are required to meet with the coordinator or appropriate affiliated faculty advisor at least once per semester for regular review and assessment of their program, learning outcomes, and progress toward the degree. 

Transfer or Articulation Agreements with Other Institutions

Transfer credits may be approved by the coordinator to count toward the minor. If the transfer credit is accepted by the university and fits within the scope of the minor, it will be considered.