Writing Minor


With employers stressing the importance of writing skills and the writing demands of all professions increasing, the writing minor is designed to serve students who want to demonstrate sustained work with writing. Students take a concentration of courses in creative writing or journalism, focusing on the creative and practical uses of writing. The completion of a writing minor will enhance the job prospects in fields where the demands for writing is higher than ever. The writing minor also serves students who want to use the imagination to develop stories, poems, essays and screenplays.

Students interested in minoring in English writing may contact Carla Cannizzaro, Senior Academic Advisor, Department of English, 230F Hamilton Smith Hall, (603) 862-1313 with any questions. 

Students must complete at least five 4-credit courses (20 credits) from the list of approved courses. At least three of the courses must be at the 600 level or higher. ENGL 415s, "Literature and...," courses cannot be applied toward the English writing minor. The minimum acceptable grade for each course is C-. No more than two transfer courses can be applied toward the English writing minor. English literature and English teaching majors may declare a writing minor with the approval of their faculty adviser. A maximum of two English courses (8 credits) are allowed to double-count toward the literature or teaching major and writing minor. Other English Department majors are not eligible to declare a writing minor.

Courses that Count Toward the Writing Minor

ENGL 419How to Read Anything4
ENGL 501Introduction to Creative Nonfiction4
ENGL 502Professional and Technical Writing4
ENGL 503Persuasive Writing4
ENGL 526Introduction to Fiction Writing4
ENGL 527Introduction to Poetry Writing4
ENGL 602Advanced Professional and Technical Writing4
ENGL 621Newswriting4
ENGL 623Creative Nonfiction4
ENGL 625Intermediate Fiction Writing Workshop4
ENGL 625AIntermediate Fiction Writing Workshop: Screenwriting4
ENGL 627Intermediate Poetry Writing Workshop4
ENGL 631Digital Reporting4
ENGL 694Special Topics in Creative Writing4
ENGL 701Advanced Fiction Writing Workshop4
ENGL #703TTravel Writing4
ENGL 710Teaching Writing4
ENGL 711Editing4
ENGL 712Multimedia Storytelling4
ENGL 721Advanced Reporting4
ENGL 722Feature Writing4
ENGL 729Special Topics in Composition Studies4
ENGL 791English Grammar4

At the beginning of your final semester of study at UNH, please fill out a Certification of Completion of Minor form and obtain signatures from your major advisor, the English department coordinator, and the Dean of your college.