Special Education Minor


Explore the field of special education. Five courses (20 credits) comprise the minor in Special Education.

A Certification of Completion of Minor form needs to be completed at the beginning of a student’s final undergraduate semester at UNH. Forms are available from the Registrar’s Office or the Department of Education Office.

A minor consists of 20 credits in Education Department courses. The specific courses required for the minor are:

Required Courses
EDUC 650Introduction to Disability in Inclusive Schools and Communities4
EDUC 656Advocating for Diverse and Inclusive Family-School-Community Partnerships4
Choose one of the following: 14
Inclusive Elementary Education: Literacies and Learning for Diverse Learners
Methods of Inclusive Secondary Education: Literacies, Learning, and Transitions
Elective Courses
Choose two of the following:8
Peer to Peer Mentoring for Students with Disabilities 2
Educational Technology
Math with Technology in Early Education
Contemporary Issues in Learning Disabilities
Contemporary Issues in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Introduction to Young Children with Special Needs
Designing Curriculum for Inclusive, Equitable Settings for Young Children (birth-8)
Curriculum for Young Children with Special Needs: Evaluation and Program Design
One course taken at UNH in a closely related department
Total Credits20

Section to be determined by the undergraduate major and future career interests


May be taken twice as the content/readings are different each semester

No more than one required course or one elective may be a transfer course. A three-credit course taken transferred from another school will count for three credits at UNH, not four credits. A minor in Special Education does NOT lead to a teaching certification.