Recreation Management and Policy Major: Program and Event Management Option (B.S.)

This option prepares students for managerial positions in commercial, public, and nonprofit organizations that provide recreation and leisure services. Curriculum design emphasizes the effective and efficient planning, delivery, and evaluation of leisure-based programs, services, and enterprises. Applied experience is a component of most courses, in addition to a required practicum and the 10-16 week full-time internship under professional supervision. Depending upon the RMP electives and the career support emphasis or minor chosen, students may expect to find employment in a broad range of settings. Recent graduates have found employment in the areas of conference and event planning, municipal park and recreation services, recreational sports, commercial and entrepreneurial recreation businesses, youth-serving agencies, resorts, camps, and natural resource management positions in state and federal agencies.

Degree Requirements

Minimum Credit Requirement: 128 credits
Minimum Residency Requirement: 32 credits must be taken at UNH
Minimum GPA: 2.0 required for conferral*
Core Curriculum Required: Discovery & Writing Program Requirements
Foreign Language Requirement: No

All Major, Option and Elective Requirements as indicated.
*Major GPA requirements as indicated.

Major Requirements

All majors must complete a core curriculum of seven courses.

RMP 490Recreation & Tourism in Society4
RMP 501Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice for Recreation Services4
RMP 557Program and Event Design4
RMP 563Recreation Management and Policy Practicum2
RMP 654Professional Development and Ethics2
RMP 724Research, Evaluation, and Data-Driven Decisions4
RMP 764Internship 18-12

All RMP students must complete an 8 or 12 credit hour internship.

Program and Event Management Option - Course Requirements:

RMP 559Marketing the Recreation Experience4
RMP 661Leadership in Recreation Services4
RMP 663Management and Finance in the Experience Industry4
RMP 772Law and Public Policy in Leisure Services4
Statistics - select one of the following:4
Statistics in Psychology
Statistical Discovery for Everyone
Business Statistics
Electives: Choose any 4 of the following (16 credits total) 216
Recreational Sport Management
Youth Culture and Programs
Venue Management Design & Operations
New Hampshire Ski Industry Management
Festival and Event Planning
Entrepreneurial and Commercial Recreation
Event and Experience Design
Emphasis or Minor requirement18-20
Emplasis (minimum of 18 credits) or Minor (18-20 credits) with C- or better, approved by their advisor.
Total Credits84-92

RMP courses completed to fulfill the elective course requirement may not be used to fulfill the emphasis area requirement; unless prior approval from the student's academic advisor is granted.

Professional Internship

A supervised internship (RMP 764) is required of all majors and serves as their major capstone requirement. The internship is designed to create a bridge between theory and practical application. Students, working with their advisers and the internship coordinator, select an appropriate setting based on their professional and career interests. They must register for an 8 or 12 credit full-time internship that ranges from 10 to 16 weeks and is under the supervision of a qualified professional. Specific requirements are identified in the Internship Manual available from the Department of Recreation Management and Policy.

  • Students will know and demonstrate the nature and scope of the recreation, events, and tourism profession and their associated industries.
  • Students will know and demonstrate the techniques and processes used by professionals and staff in the recreation, events, and tourism industry.
  • Students will know and demonstrate the foundation of the recreation, events, and tourism profession in history, science, and philosophy.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to design, implement, and evaluate services that facilitate targeted human experiences and that embrace personal and cultural dimensions of diversity.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge about operations, strategic management, and administration in recreation, events, and tourism organizations.
  • Students will demonstrate the potential to succeed as professionals at supervisory or higher levels in recreation, events, tourism, or related organizations through participation in structured practicum and internship experiences.