Health Management Minor

The department of Health Management and Policy (HMP) offers an integrated minor in health management designed for students in majors outside of HMP.  All courses must be completed with a C- or higher to be counted toward the minor. Students seeking to minor in health management should meet with the academic department coordinator to discuss the requirements.

The health management minor includes the following courses:

Required Courses
HMP 401United States Health Care Systems4
HMP 501Epidemiology and Community Medicine4
HMP 721Managing Health Care Organizations4
Must be taken before completing 600 and 700 level courses.
Select Two of the Following: 1
HMP 642Health Economics4
HMP 669Human Behavior and the Public Health4
HMP 703Translation of Health Data4
HMP 711Introduction to Healthcare Operations Analytics4
HMP 712Healthcare Operations Management4
HMP 722Health Care Management II 14
HMP 724Long-Term Care Management4
HMP 740Health Care Financial Management4
HMP 741Health Care Financial Management II 14
HMP 744Health Ethics and Law4

Prerequisite courses must be completed for all HMP courses.