Health Analytics Minor

The objective of this minor is to provide a basic background in analytics for those who are pursuing majors in health or health related fields but would like a more data and analytic rich skills set. The minor will take an application-oriented focus and is intended for those students interested in more exposure to the underlying data related components of data visualization, the data and analytic ecosystem within organizations and society, and the use and implications for use of health analytics. The minor assumes preparation in an undergraduate statistics class.

The minor is meant to allow students to both have a core related to health analytics, but also customize their approach along the continuum of skills via the use of the two electives. For example, students wishing to become more hands on data practitioners and thus facile with the programming environment can do that, whereas students who wish to be more focused on data consumption or data translation for change can elect for that option.

Academic Policies - Minors

Required Courses
HMP 401United States Health Care Systems4
HMP 512Using Data to Improve Human Health4
HMP 703Translation of Health Data4
Select two courses from the following:8
Management Information Systems
Living in a Networked World: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
From Programs to Computer Science
Professional Ethics and Communication in Technology-related Fields
Introduction to Data Science and Analytics
Database Management
Programming for Business
Epidemiology and Community Medicine
Programming in Healthcare Environments
Introduction to Healthcare Operations Analytics
Healthcare Operations Management
Introduction to Internet Technologies
Linear Algebra for Applications
Total Credits20