Environmental Engineering Minor


The environmental engineering minor is intended primarily for students in engineering and physical sciences who are not in the chemical, civil, or environmental engineering degree programs. Students contemplating such a minor should plan on a strong background in the sciences and mathematics (including differential equations).

The minor provides a comprehensive introduction to major areas of interest in environmental protection through the three required courses. Further breadth in environmental engineering or depth in specific areas can be attained through the choice of appropriate elective courses.

The minor requires a minimum of five courses, as follows:

CEE 620Fundamental Aspects of Environmental Engineering4
CEE 705Introduction to Sustainable Engineering3
CEE 731Advanced Water Treatment Processes4
or CEE 721 Environmental Sampling and Analysis
A minimum of two elective ENE courses.

Choice of elective courses should be made in consultation with the minor area advisor, Nancy Kinner. Students normally start this program in the junior year and should declare their intention to enter the program as early as possible during the sophomore year. During the final semester, students must apply to the dean to have the minor appear on the transcript.