Equine Studies


Mission Statement

The mission of the UNH Equine Program is to produce highly sought-after and employable graduates for the diverse equine industry; to provide students with a comprehensive, well-rounded, science-based, hands-on curriculum; and to honor our land grant heritage through offering outreach programs for the state and regional equine community.

B.S. in Equine Studies

The equine studies degree program at UNH offers a unique and well-rounded program of study to students pursuing a career in the horse industry. All students receive a background in science and business, as well as a common core of equine-specific courses that incorporate outstanding opportunities for experiential learning. Students then choose a specialization in one of three options: Equine Industry and Management, Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies, and Equine Science.  This allows each student to focus on the courses most relevant to their individual educational and professional goals.  Students in each option have a shared core of courses, and each student chooses 20 credits of approved electives, which allows them to further customize their studies to meet their individual needs and prepare for their personal career goals.

Equine Industry and Management

This option is designed for:

  • Students interested in a traditional equine career, such as riding instruction, training, or stable management
  • Students interested in a career in equine business, such as competition management, sales, marketing, or equine business management

Courses for this option include business classes and hands-on equine classes, such as teaching, training, stable management, and facility management

Equine-Assisted Activities & Therapies

This option is designed for:

  • Students interested in teaching therapeutic riding or other equine-assisted activities and therapies
  • Students interested in an administrative career at a center conducting equine-assisted activities and therapies, such as fundraising, volunteer coordination, or management for a therapeutic riding center

This option includes classes in equine studies, equine-assisted activities and therapies, non-profit organizations, and topics related to human development and special needs. Students also prepare and test for PATH International instructor certification, which allows them to teach therapeutic riding at any PATH International operating center.

Equine Science

This option is designed for:

  • Students interested in a career in the scientific or technical fields within the equine industry, including nutrition, rehabilitation, reproduction, and research
  • Students interested in pursuing graduate studies, including veterinary school

This option combines equine classes with a more intensive science curriculum, including animal behavior, reproduction, and nutrition.

GPA Requirements for All Students in Equine Studies

All students enrolled in the equine studies major will be required to receive a minimum grade of C- in all classes required for the major. Students failing to do this will need to retake the course in order to receive credit.