Studies in the Design of Interior Space Cognate

The cognate provides students a pathway to enter the world of interior design. It aims to give students an overview of design creation and execution for space planning. From concept development to project execution, the cognate allows students to formulate design projects that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Students will develop a comprehensive creative process through research, problem solving and project development. The cognate prepares students to apply critical thinking to the creation of interior environments utilizing a human-centered approach.

Students complete coursework selected from three groups:

  1. Design Development: Helps students obtain the skills in design creation. Students will learn about concept development, research analysis, and psychological and physiological characteristics in space planning. It provides the students the ability to utilize knowledge in design elements and principles in 3D design creation and integrate this knowledge into design concepts as solutions for design projects.
  2. Historical Aspect: Gives students an overview of architectural history. It will help students to identify the historical, political, social and economic elements that have influenced the evolution in interior architecture and decorative arts. Students will be able to apply the skill in research and their knowledge of historic design styles in their design creations.
  3. Design Skills: Helps students to understand and apply skills related to design execution. It provides students with the option to gain craftsmanship in sketching, rendering, scaled design drawings, CAD (computer-aided drafting), graphic solutions or standards.

Student must complete three courses (12 credits), one course in each group listed below.

Design Development4
Select one course from the following:
Stage Lighting Design and Execution
Scene Design
Principles of Architectural Design
Historical Aspect4
Select one course from the following:
Introduction to Architectural History
Introduction to Art History
Twentieth-Century Architecture: Modern and Contemporary
Design Skills4
Select one course from the following:
Design and Place
Vectorworks Computer-Aided Design Drafting for the Theatre
Rendering for the Theatre
Total Credits12