Sociology Minor

Minoring in sociology provides a foundation in analytical thinking and writing, and skills in collecting and analyzing data. Students learn diverse theoretical approaches to the social world and acquire tools for conducting and understanding social science research. Course topics include family and work; environmental sociology; social policy; inequalities of race, class and gender; criminology, social control and deviant behavior; medical sociology and mental health; and religion.

Undergraduate training in sociology is an excellent background for a variety of careers, including the business world, working in marketing and sales or human resources; government and nonprofit services, working in education, health services, social welfare or criminal justice; and research.  A minor in sociology is also excellent preparation for graduate work in law, social work, criminal justice, counseling, public administration, public health, business administration, urban planning and other fields.

A minor consists of any five 4-credit courses in sociology with a C- or better in each course and a grade-point average of 2.0 or better in these courses.

Select five elective courses from the following:20
SOC 400Introductory Sociology4
SOC 402Statistics4
SOC #402HHonors/Statistics4
SOC #440AHonors/Drug Addiction in American Society4
SOC 444AHonors/Society in the Arctic4
SOC 450Contemporary Social Problems4
SOC 515Introductory Criminology4
SOC 520Family4
SOC 525Juvenile Crime and Delinquency4
SOC 530Race and Racism4
SOC 535Homicide4
SOC 565Environment and Society4
SOC 570Sexual Behavior4
SOC 595Independent Reading and Research2-8
SOC 597Special Topics4
SOC 599Sociological Analysis4
SOC 601Methods of Social Research4
SOC 611Sociological Theory4
SOC 620Drugs and Society4
SOC 625Mental Health and Society4
SOC 635WMedical Sociology4
SOC 645Class, Status and Power4
SOC 647Sociology of Work and Well-Being4
SOC #656Terrorism4
SOC 665Environmental Sociology4
SOC 693Global Social Change4
SOC 697Special Topics4
SOC #715Criminological Theory4
SOC #720Sociology of Drug Use4
SOC 725Social Demography4
SOC 730Communities and the Environment4
SOC 740Sociology of Mental Health4
SOC 745Race, Ethnicity, and Inequality4
SOC #773Childhood and Social Policy4
SOC 788Advanced Medical Sociology4
SOC 792Internship Independent Study2-8
SOC 797Special Topics4
SOC 799Senior Thesis4 or 8
SOC 799HSenior Honors Thesis4 or 8