Queer Studies Minor


The queer studies minor provides students with opportunities to research and understand a rapidly growing field whose focus is the study of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and allied peoples, their histories and cultures. Queer studies is a method of inquiry that explores the role of same-sex desire and constructions of gender across and among cultures and histories. In these classes, students will consider sexualities and genders as identities and social statuses, as categories of knowledge, and as lenses that help to frame how we understand our world. The minor consists of interdisciplinary coursework in queer studies. Students who wish to pursue the queer studies minor should consult with Holly Cashman.

The queer studies minor requires 5 courses (20 credits) from the queer studies course offerings list below. One pre-approved elective from the electives list below may count toward the minor.

A grade of C- or better is required in all queer studies courses. Courses taken Pass/Fail may not be used for the minor. No more than 8 credits used to satisfy the requirements for a major may be used for the queer studies minor. If you wish to substitute a different course, consult with a queer studies faculty advisor.

Please note that additional courses may count toward the minor. Visit the program's website for the most up-to-date information.

Queer Studies Course Offerings
Select Five Courses
ANTH 625Sexuality in Cross-Cultural Perspectives4
ANTH 685Gender, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa4
CMN 697Seminar in Rhetorical Study4
ENGL 693Special Topics in Literature4
HDFS 746Human Sexuality4
HDFS 757/857Race, Class, Gender, and Families4
HIST 497Explorations in Historical Perspectives4
HIST 595Explorations (Only topics Gender and Sexuality in Pre-Modern Europe; Sex and Sexuality in Islamic History)1-4
HIST 665Themes in Women's History4
HUMA 401Introduction to the Humanities4
PSYC 595Applications of Psychology (Research, Field, or Academic Experience)1-4
SOC 520Family4
SOC 570Sexual Behavior4
SW 715/815Affirming Practice with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer+ People4
WS 405Gender, Power and Privilege4
WS #444Trans/Forming Gender4
WS 505Survey in Women's Studies (Only topics Violence Against Women; Gender, Race and Sexuality in Visual Culture)4
WS 632Feminist Thought (depending on instructor)4
WS 795Independent Study (or other departmental designation)1-4
WS 798Colloquium (Only topics Race, Gender, and Representation; Gay Marriage and Kinship; Women in Prison)4
Require program approval and may vary by instructor.
CMN 567Gender, Race, and Class in the Media4
CMN 697Seminar in Rhetorical Study4
ENGL 618Film Theory4
HDFS 545Intimate Relationships and Families4
HUMA 401Introduction to the Humanities4
SOC 570Sexual Behavior4
SOC 697Special Topics (Only topic Women, Health, and Illness)4
SW 840Implications of Race, Culture, and Oppression for Social Work Practice3
WS 401Introduction to Women's Studies4
WS 444ARace Matters4
WS 632Feminist Thought4
WS 796Advanced Topics4
WS 797Internship4
WS 798Colloquium (Only topic Violence Against Women/Activism)4