International Affairs Minor

The international affairs (IA) minor adds a recognized distinction and global context to any primary major in any college at UNH. It was developed for those students who, due to the demands of their primary majors, are unable to complete the more rigorous requirements of the IA dual major.

Students who wish to declare the international affairs minor must earn a C or better in all IA course requirements and have a 2.5 cumulative grade-point average. The minor is declared when the fifth course is being taken. The student should obtain the minor completion form from the IA senior program assistant.

Required Core Courses
IA 401International Perspectives4
Select one of the following:4
Principles of Economics (Macro)
Principles of Economics (Micro)
Environmental and Resource Economics Perspectives
International Affairs Language Requirement 14
International Experience - Study Abroad 2
Choose one course from each category list (2 courses total): 38
Politics, Culture, & History
Science, Environment, Economy, & Health
Total Credits20

International Affairs Language Requirement
Functional reading, writing, and speaking ability equivalent to a first-year, second-semester college level (402). Students may take placement tests to establish equivalency, include language study during the international experience, or transfer credits from other institutions.


International Experience - Study Abroad
Minimum of three weeks (or 4 credits). The international experience may include study, directed research, internship or service/volunteer experience abroad. Students should plan with the study abroad advisors to plan for their international experience well in advance.


See elective category lists under the IA dual major heading. Elective courses may count toward Discovery, Honors, Writing Intensive and major requirements.