Chinese Minor

The Chinese minor provides students with linguistic skills and cross-cultural competence that will complement their studies in many other disciplines, such as business, international affairs, education, hotel management and social service. It prepares students for future academic and professional opportunities in which proficiency in Chinese is required or preferred. Students who have studied Chinese at UNH have gone on to use Chinese for a variety of career paths in both domestic and international settings. 

20 credits which consist of the following:

Four language courses above the 500 level:
CHIN 503Intermediate Chinese I4
CHIN 504Intermediate Chinese II4
CHIN 631Advanced Chinese Conversation and Composition I4
CHIN 632Advanced Chinese Conversation and Composition II4
Choose one of the following Chinese culture and literature courses: 14
Introduction to Chinese Culture
What does it Mean to be Modern? Lenses of Modern Chinese Literature and Film
Total Credits20

Or another Chinese culture or literature course approved by the faculty. 

At the beginning of your final semester of study, please complete a Certification of Completion of Minor form, obtain the necessary signatures, and submit it to your Dean's Office.