Gerontology Multidisciplinary Minor

The gerontology multidisciplinary minor (GMM) provides students with the opportunity to examine and evaluate the aging process as it affects the individual and society within the United States and in the world. Through a multidisciplinary course selection, students develop an understanding of aging from a variety of perspectives with a focus on how people age physically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially. Students are encouraged to analyze the historical and philosophical foundation from which policies, programs, and professional activities affecting the aged are developed, implemented, and evaluated. The purpose of GMM is to prepare students as they enter their career fields on the effects that the growing elderly population will have in every component of modern life. 

To complete a minor in gerontology students are required to take a minimum of 20 credits.

  • Special Topic courses on aging-related topics can be used for GMM if approved by the GMM coordinator (e.g. SW 797 Special Topics in Social Welfare - End of Life Care)
  • The GMM follows UNH's policy on minors. Following University policy, students must complete 20 credit hours with a grade of C- or better and a 2.00 grade point average.
  • Students must submit a Certification of Completion of Minor form during their final semester to the GMM Coordinator: Dr. BoRin Kim in the Department of Social Work.
Required courses:8
Biology of Aging
I'm Old, So What! An introduction to aging in the United States
Select 3 additional courses from the following:12
Globalization and Global Population Health
Independent Study 2
Adult Development and Aging
Practicum 1
The Right to be Disabled in the Extreme Makeover Society
Special Topics
Lifetime Sports
Human Development, Interaction and Learning Across the Lifespan
Death and Dying
Nutrition in Health and Well Being
Field Experience in Nutrition 1
Life Cycle Nutrition
Geriatric Nutrition
Clinical Nutrition
Function and Wellbeing of Older Adults
Developmental Tasks of Adulthood
Law, Medicine, and Ethics
Therapeutic Recreation Rehabilitation Principles & Interventions
Recreation Management and Policy Practicum 1
Social Demography
You've Got Your Troubles, I've Got Mine
Aging and Society
Social Work Field Experience 1
Social Work Field Experience II 1
Total Credits20