Electrical and Computer Engineering Minor


The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering encourages highly motivated students to consider a minor in Electrical and Computer Engineering. A university-wide GPA of at least 2.8 is required in all but the most compelling of cases, along with an appropriate reason for desiring the minor. Interested students should complete the provided application form and submit it to the ECE Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (Kingsbury W201) during his/her sophomore or, at the latest, junior year. After it is approved, the student will need to fill out an “Intent to Minor” form, available from the Associate Dean’s office (Kingsbury W283) in order to make entry into the minor program official. It is also the student’s responsibility to submit a “Minor Certification of Completion” form after all the minor courses have been taken, but before graduation. The ECE Minor Application Form can be downloaded here or obtained in the ECE office.

For additional information please contact the ECE Department. Our ECE Minor Faculty Advisor will be glad to answer any of your questions and help you select courses that best fit your career goals.

Requirements for the ECE Minor: 

1.  You must take a minimum of five ECE courses (at least 18 credits), each with a grade of C- or better.

ECE 541Electric Circuits (or ECE 537 with grade of A/A-)4
ECE 548Electronic Design I4
ECE 543Introduction to Digital Systems4
Two additional approved ECE courses (500 level or higher) approved by the ECE Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

2.  You must achieve at least an overall 2.0 average in all courses taken for the minor. 

3.  Courses taken credit/fail may not be used for the minor. 

4.  No more than eight credits of courses used by the student to satisfy major requirements may be used for the ECE minor. 

5.  No more than two courses completed prior to acceptance into the ECE minor may be counted toward the minor.