Rule XIV: Student Participation in UNH Law

UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law (UNH Law) was founded on the principle that each law student deserves the respect of faculty members and administrators as a “near peer” who has personal responsibility for professional growth. As near peers, law students are expected to contribute initiative, ideas, information, and advice to the institution’s decisionmaking. For their part, faculty members and administrators are expected, consistent with their respective responsibilities for academic standards and institutional stewardship of UNH Law, to consider student contributions seriously.

In addition to discussing particular ideas or proposals with faculty or staff members, students should feel free to consult generally with the Dean, Associate Dean, and the Assistant Dean for Students. Student initiative, ideas, information, and advice may lead to community wide discussions both generally and within UNH Law meetings (see Rule XV), as well as to direct educational and administrative action.

The faculty policy that affairs outside the academic and other institutional commitments of UNH Law should be left to student preferences is compatible with the policy of individual student responsibility for individual growth. Thus, the formation, conduct, and continuation of student organizations are matters for student determination consistent with general UNH Law policy. Any student interested in starting a student organization at UNH Law should consult with the Assistant Dean of Students.