Rule XV: UNH Law Meeting

  1. UNH Law Meetings are meetings of the entire UNH Law community, including faculty, staff, students, and any guests the community has agreed may attend and/or participate.
  2. Matters of community importance may be brought before the UNH Law Meeting. The UNH Law Meeting may be called by the Dean, faculty moderator, the staff moderator or SBA president and the meeting time should be scheduled at a time convenient for the greatest number of interested participants. There is no quorum requirement.
  3. The agenda may be set by the faculty moderator, staff moderator or SBA president calling the meeting and notice given to the community at least 7 days in advance of the scheduled meeting. The agenda shall be approved by the Dean.
  4. The UNH Law Meeting may be chaired by the person calling the meeting or their designee. The designee may be a student, faculty or staff member. A member of the community shall serve as secretary, and a copy of the written minutes shall be kept in the office of the Assistant Dean for Students. There shall be no other officers of the UNH Law Meeting.
  5. The purpose of the UNH Law Meeting is to gather information on the agenda items and to make a recommendation to the Dean, if appropriate. Recommendations made to the Dean shall be reached by consensus. The paramount test for whether a consensus has been achieved is whether the members of the community affected by it, acting in good faith for the benefit of the institution, are in agreement that the recommendation under consideration should be carried out.
  6. The Dean shall accept, reject or table the recommendation for a later decision or discussion, or refer the issue to the appropriate decision making body, and shall notify the UNH Law Community of any action taken on the recommendation.

Adopted by faculty May, 15, 2008.