Biotechnology Minor

The Minor in Biotechnology will introduce students to the field of biotechnology in a five-course sequence that will provide substantial education and training in bioethics, as well as the central content areas of biology and biotechnology, with a focus on modern genetics and laboratory techniques.  Students adding the biotechnology minor will be adding a valuable credential to their major, indicating a substantial additional skill set in the laboratory-focused and forward-looking field of biotechnology.

To ensure a course counts in the minor, it is required that students consult the minor coordinator, Dr. Kristen Johnson, before enrolling in the course.

Students must complete five courses (20-21 credits, depending on the courses chosen). The minimum acceptable grade in these courses is a C-, and the average grade for these courses must be a C or better. Transfer course approval for the minor is limited to, at most, two relevant courses successfully completed at another accredited institution, subject to syllabi review and approval. Courses for non-majors will not count towards the minor.

Required Courses
BIOT 501Ethical Issues in Biology4
GEN 604Principles of Genetics 1, 34
Biotechnology lab techniques course 1, 24-5
Select one of the following:8
Introductory Biology: Molecular and Cellular
and Introductory Biology: Evolution, Biodiversity and Ecology
Principles of Biology I
and Principles of Biology II
Total Credits20-21

Biotechnology majors-level course.


BMS 503 General Microbiology/BMS 504 General Microbiology Laboratory may be an additional pre-requisite course.


Students in majors with 3+ course overlap (e.g., Neuropsychology) will need a different course than GEN 604 Principles of Genetics within the Biotechnology major. BMS 503 General Microbiology/BMS 504 General Microbiology Laboratory is a recommended alternative.