Political Economy Minor


Students interested in pursuing a career in government, business, communications, or the law can add a breadth of perspective through the political economy minor.

The political economy minor consists of five courses (20 credits total). The minimum grade requirement is C- per course. Any grade lower than a C- will not count toward the minor.

Select five courses from the following: 120
History of Literary Economics
Introduction to Macroeconomic Principles
Introduction to Microeconomic Principles
Contemporary Economic Issues
Business Law and Economics
Economics for Managers
United States in World Affairs
Wicked Problems: Puzzles in Public Policy
Social and Political-Economic Theory
Political and Social Change in Developing Countries
Politics of Food
Globalization: Politics, Economics and Culture
Poverty & Inequality Past and Present
Total Credits20

No more than three courses from the same subject prefix area and no more than three 400-level courses may count towards the minor.

Substitutions are permitted with permission of the minor supervisors.

For more information, contact minor supervisors Stephen Pimpare or Tom Birch.