Interdisciplinary Health Minor

The Interdisciplinary Health Minor prepares future professionals to approach health and well-being through a culturally-responsive and trauma-informed lens across multiple dimensions of wellness. Students gain the knowledge and skills to promote, support, and affect behavior change in ways that positively impacts the health and well-being of individuals and communities. Those who complete this minor have the ability to apply their knowledge and skills in settings such as schools, before/after-school programs, clinical settings, community health centers, fitness centers, and/or corporate settings.

Interdisciplinary Health Minor Requirements

HDFS 746Human Sexuality4
HPE 648Current Issues in Teaching Health4
HPE 702/KIN 802Health Content and Youth Risk Behavior4
or NUTR 610 Nutrition Education and Counseling
HPE 712Health Education Practicum4
NUTR 400Nutrition in Health and Well Being4
HPE 671Health Education Pedagogy4
Total Credits24