Sales Minor

Minor in Sales – The modern sales professional helps customers solve business problems through active listening, insightful questions, deep empathy, domain competency, and the understanding and communicating of value.  The Sales Minor will prepare you to start your career journey into sales by teaching you to sell yourself first and giving you the skills and experience to succeed in your first role.  More college graduates will go into sales than any other profession.  Why not be prepared and differentiate yourself for the best opportunities by earning a sales minor and developing skills that are transferrable to any profession. 

The Minor in Sales is open to both Paul College and Non-Paul College students. Please reference the required courses depending on college. The minor consists of three required courses (marketing, sales level-one, sales level-two), two elective courses, and one sales experience. Please contact the Paul College  Undergraduate Advising and Programs Office for an up-to-date list of approved elective courses or sales experiences. 

Non-Paul Students – Sales Minor Requirements 

Required Courses:
MKTG 530Survey of Marketing4
MKTG 649Foundations of Personal Selling4
MKTG 689Advanced Sales4
One Sales Experience: 1
Professional Sales Group
Or qualifying sales internship
Two Electives from approved list (below)8

Paul Student – Sales Minor Requirements

Required Courses:
ADMN 585Marketing4
MKTG 649Foundations of Personal Selling4
MKTG 689Advanced Sales4
One Sales Experience: 1
Professional Sales Group
or qualifying sales internship
Two Elective Courses from approved list (below)8

Sales Experience (1 required):

MKTG 650 Professional Sales Group minimum of two semesters of the 2-credit course, PAUL 795 Internship or internship experience approved by Director, Sales Center. 

 Please note:

  • You are responsible for checking pre-requisites for all courses listed
  • All transfer courses must be evaluated for equivalency
  • No more than 2 transfer courses may be applied to the minor
  • Capacity in courses may be limited
  • Some of the listed courses are "special topics" (or equivalent). Please make sure that the course has the same title (not simply the same number) as the listed course in order for it to count for the minor.
  • The Sales Minor also follows UNH policy for minors

Sales Minor – Approved Elective List

College of Engineering & Physical Sciences
Living in a Networked World: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Professional Ethics and Communication in Technology-related Fields
Introduction to Internet Technologies
Project Management for Information Technology
Intellectual Asset Management for Engineers and Scientists
College of Liberal Arts
Public Speaking
Introduction to Argumentation
Analysis of Language and Social Interaction
Analyzing Institutional Interaction
Conversation Analysis
Dialogue and Teamwork
Opening Everyday Interaction
Professional and Technical Writing
Persuasive Writing
Advanced Professional and Technical Writing
Multimedia Storytelling
Beginning Logic
Just Business: The Ethics of Markets and Money
American Public Policy
Theories of International Relations
International Organization
Cognitive Psychology
Social Psychology
Introduction to the Art of Acting
Storytelling, Story Theatre, and Involvement Dramatics
Arts Administration and Entrepreneurship
College of Life Sciences
Fundamentals of Real Estate
Community Economics
Tourism and Global Understanding
College of Health and Human Services
Social Marketing
Health Care Financial Management
Health Care Financial Management II
Risk and the Human Experience
Marketing the Recreation Experience
Recreational Sport Management
Leadership in Recreation Services
Management and Finance in the Experience Industry
Festival and Event Planning
Entrepreneurial and Commercial Recreation
Sport Psychology
Introduction to Sport Marketing
Sport Facility and Event Management
Social Media Marketing in Sport
Paul College of Business and Economics
Behavior in Organizations
Organizational Behavior
Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis
Revenue Management and Pricing
Topics in Marketing (Sales Management in a Changing World)
Military Science
Leading Small Organizations I
Leading Small Organizations II
Additional Course Petitions are subject to review/approval by Sales Minor Coordinator