Commerce and Technology (Graduate Certificate)

Supported by UNH Law's strong IP foundation, the Commerce and Technology program is built at the intersection of business and law to tackle evolving legal issues facing new business and e-commerce in the global information age economy.

Expert faculty tailor courses to current events and developments, and the program offers flexibility to match the career objectives of each individual student. Course work addresses rapidly-developing areas of the law, such as cybercrime and consumers’ private information.

Residential Candidate Requirements
LIP 894American Legal Process and Analysis I3
LIP 980E-Commerce and The Law2
Electives are selected from a list provided by the Program Director.10

Student Learning Outcomes for Commerce & Technology (CT) Graduate Certificate  

UNH Franklin Pierce graduates from the Commerce and Technology interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate will demonstrate familiarity with these four areas: 

  • Knowledge and understanding of substantive and procedural law in the traditional area of business law and practice in the United States and internationally, focused on the impact of information age technology on this realm of law. 
  • Legal analysis and reasoning, legal research, problem-solving, and written and oral communication in the context of business law and practice in the United States and globally. 
  • Exercise of proper professional and ethical responsibilities as a lawyer or other type of professional to clients or other relevant stakeholders and the national and global legal systems around business law; and 
  • Other professional skills needed for competent and ethical participation as a member of the legal or other professions focused on the practice or other use of business law domestically and internationally.