XI. Non-Degree Online Students

(approved by faculty 2/4/16)

A. General Requirements

Non-Degree online students may take online courses in the online IP and ICLJ programs, if space is available after the enrollment of program students. They will be billed at the same rate as the online LLM and Master’s degree candidates in the IP and ICLJ programs.

B. Application

To apply to take an online course, a non-degree student must complete an application and submit a transcript that reflects completion of at least an undergraduate degree. The applicant need not submit letters of recommendation.

C. Proof of Language Ability

A non-degree student must meet the language requirements of Rule I. B. (3) of these rules.

D. Credit Limit

A non-degree online student may take no more than 9 credits. If the non-degree online student decides at any time to enroll in the online IP or ICLJ program, that student must seek the approval of the approval of the Admissions director or director’s designee and the program chair by submitting an application in the form specified by the Admissions director or desginee.