Graduate Courses

Graduate credits may be earned in courses numbered from 800 through 999, or under limited circumstances in courses numbered at the 700 level.

The faculty of each graduate program prescribes the courses that make up the degree program. In addition, the Graduate School has general requirements for master's and doctoral degree programs.

800-­ and 900­-Level Courses

800-­ and 900­- level courses are offered for graduate credit only and therefore are open only to admitted graduate students or non­-degree students with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

700-­Level Courses

700-level courses are advanced undergraduate courses. In rare cases graduate degree students may petition to earn graduate credit for up to 12 credits in 700-­level courses, provided the credits are taken in a program other than the one in which the student is seeking the degree and provided such courses are approved by the student's adviser, graduate program coordinator, and the dean of the Graduate School. Such courses must be taken for a letter grade. Petitions must include what additional requirements or expectations will be required of the student to make the course a graduate level experience.  Petition requests must be made prior to enrolling in the course and are not guaranteed.  Petition forms are available at

Simultaneous 700/800 Courses

800-­level courses may be cross-­listed with 700-­level courses and taught simultaneously to both graduate and undergraduate students. While the content of the course is the same, the requirements and expectations of the students differ substantially with assignments, examinations, projects and analyses demonstrating a broader depth of understanding, sophistication and skills for students enrolled at the 800-­level.  Students must be enrolled in the 800 level of the course in order to obtain graduate credit.