Philosophy Minor (Manchester)

Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of truth, existence, beauty, morality, and justice. People study philosophy to understand the basic principles of science, art, and the human condition.

Though this sounds abstract, a background in philosophy is excellent training for any walk of life. Philosophy offers training for a variety of careers by providing a unique combination of life-long skills: analytic and interpretive skills, critical reasoning skills, the enhanced capacity to detect problems and to solve them, excellence in oral and written presentation and defense of one’s ideas, skill at asking probing and central questions about the ideas of others (as well as about one’s own ideas), and skill at effectively understanding, organizing, and evaluating complex systems of thought.

A philosophy minor consists of five (5) philosophy courses (for a total of 20 credits), completed with a C- or above, one of which must be at the 500-level or higher.

PHIL 495 Tutorial Reading and PHIL 795 Independent Study may be used towards the minor, with special permission.

For more information, contact Phillip Deen, minor supervisor.