English Minor (Manchester)


With a minor in English, you can complement your major with five classes from our areas of study. We think you'll find that even subjects that seem far apart have an uncanny way of intersecting.

In our literature courses, you might read and research a play about thermodynamics, even as our writing classes give you an opportunity to study the many genres of creative and occupational writing. English study expands your portfolio of transferable skills while keeping your imaginative faculties in high gear.

Employers from across the professional spectrum are looking for employees with skill-sets that include those of an English minor—for instance, the ability to think critically, parse challenging texts, and express new ideas persuasively and creatively. You'll be amazed at what an English minor can do for you both personally and professionally.

For the English minor at UNH Manchester, students must complete 20 credits with a minimum 2.0 grade-point average in these courses overall and with no individual grade lower than a C-. Students may include in the English minor courses from the Writing Focus, which includes courses in creative writing and journalism.

ENGL 419 How to Read Anything is recommended as one of the five courses.

Required Courses
Select two English courses at the 500 level (or ENGL 419 and one 500 level course)8
Select three English courses at the 600 or 700 level12
Total Credits20

For more information, contact Susanne Paterson, Associate Professor, Program Coordinator, and minor supervisor.