Women's Studies Minor


Women's studies provides students with an understanding of the status of women in various cultures and historical eras, in the nexus of race, class, sexuality, religious and disability studies. Students learn the use of gender as a category of analysis and increase their knowledge of women's contributions to many fields. Women's studies courses offer students critical perspectives on such basic questions of the social order as assumptions about gender roles and gender identity.

As a relatively small program in the College of Liberal Arts, we provide students with a sense of community and opportunities to contribute directly to changing the campus climate. In a rigorous academic environment, women's studies offers students a springboard for activism. Our internship program enables students to gain first-hand work experience across many fields.

A major or minor in women's studies prepares students for careers where the changing roles of women are having a perceptible impact. Women's studies graduates go on to law school and graduate school in a variety of disciplines. Some have taken positions with social change or family service agencies, while others have found work in such fields as health care, journalism, education, human rights, social and environmental justice, and the arts.

Students who wish to minor in women's studies should consult with the coordinator or academic/student services assistant, 203 Huddleston Hall, (603) 862-2194.

For the women's studies minor, students must complete 20 credits of women's studies courses with a grade of C- or better. Courses taken pass/fail may not be used toward the minor. No more than eight credits used to satisfy the requirements for another major may be used for the women's studies minor. Students electing the women's studies minor must complete:

Select one of the following:4
Introduction to Women's Studies
Gender, Power and Privilege
WS 798Colloquium (normally taken at the end of the course sequence) 14
Complete three other women's studies courses, either program courses or those that are cross-counted with other departments12
Total Credits20

It may be possible to substitute WS 795 Independent Study, WS 796 Advanced Topics, WS 797 Internship, and WS 799 Honors Thesis for WS 798 Colloquium with permission from a women's studies adviser.