French Studies Minor

Students who minor in French or French studies learn to perfect their communications skills, explore works of imaginative literature in French, and investigate dimensions of historical and contemporary civilization and culture in one or more French-speaking countries.

The minor in French studies consists of 20 credits numbered FREN 503 Intermediate French I or above. 

Select 5 French courses numbered 503 and above20
Total Credits20
  • No fewer than three courses have to be taken at UNH.
  • No more than one course conducted in English (FREN 525 A Road Trip Through France: Baguette, Brie, Bordeaux, and Beyond ) will be counted toward the minor. 
  • Students entering the minor at FREN 504 Intermediate French II or higher will be expected to complete FREN 651 Love, War, and Power in French Literature or FREN 652 Greatest Hits of French.  
  • After completing the five required courses, students submit a Certification of Completion of Minor form.