Educational Studies Major: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Option (B.A.)

A new Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion has been approved for Academic Catalog year 2022/2023.

The UNH major in educational studies: equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) offers students committed to becoming teachers in elementary school settings opportunities to integrate knowledge and research methodologies from several academic disciplines and field sites into a focused examination of the interdisciplinary field of education. The four-year educational studies: EDI major program is designed for students who seek a rich understanding of education grounded in science, the arts and the humanities. The principles of equity, diversity and inclusion are woven throughout every course and field experience. All declared majors choose one of two strands of EDI: special education or multilingual learners. Graduates will be eligible for certification by the NH Department of Education in elementary education plus English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).

The goal of the program is to graduate civically, globally and intellectually engaged students who understand the complexities of education, are capable of analyzing and evaluating complex problems influencing education from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, and are committed to becoming community teachers — teachers who are leaders and role-models in the communities in which they teach. Program graduates will be prepared for present and future challenges as well as for a wide range of employment opportunities in educational and professional settings engaged in educational policy, community-based education and educational advocacy.

Courses will be listed in the 22/23 Academic Catalog.