13 University ID Cards

13.1 Use of Identification

The primary purpose of the UNH ID card is to identify the cardholder as eligible for the various programs and privileges UNH provides. The ID card remains the property of the University. You may be asked to produce it at any time to validate your presence in or access to buildings and programs including meal plans and debit programs. Your UNH ID card is not transferable. A photo ID card will be confiscated when presented by someone other than the owner. Misuse of the card will result in penalties to all parties.

13.2 Lost ID Cards

Lost or stolen ID cards should be reported immediately to the Dining and ID office (603) 862-1821 or suspended instantly at https://eacct-catscache-sp.transactcampus.com/eAccounts/CardServiceCardDeactivate.aspx. You are responsible for any use made of your card until it is reported lost or stolen and suspended. Only the balance of meals, Dining Dollars, Cat’s Cache and guest passes on the card at the time of suspension can be protected. Until your ID is replaced, you will not have access to the balances and privileges encoded on the card. A charge of $25 is made to replace a lost, stolen or mutilated photo ID card. A charge of $15 will be made to replace a lost, stolen or mutilated non-photo dining card. The area desks maintained by the Department of Housing can issue temporary cards allowing access to residence halls.

13.3 The Cat’s Cache Program

The Cat’s Cache debit program is a convenient way to make purchases. It is accepted at all UNH Dining locations, the Memorial Union (including the bookstore), Health & Wellness, many other campus locations, and many businesses in downtown Durham and beyond. Cat’s Cache balances carry forward from year to year and are fully refundable upon request without penalty; but the entire balance must be refunded at once. After students have graduated or left UNH, any remaining Cat’s Cache balance of $10 or more will be refunded to the student account. Accounts of graduated and withdrawn students are typically closed no later than 90 days after separation from UNH. A refund of any balance under $10 will be waived unless the student requests that refund before the account is closed. Refund requests for Cat’s Cache balances under $10 should be made to ID.office@unh.edu. Cat’s Cache accounts have no minimum balance and no fees of any kind. Deposits can be made with cash or check in the Dining ID office, online at www.unh.edu/dining with a credit or debit card or at one of the conveniently located Account Management Centers with cash or a credit or debit card. Purchases of alcohol, tobacco, tanning, firearms, weapons and any other incendiary and/or destructive devices are prohibited.

13.4 Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are available to anyone. When using Dining Dollars you receive a 5% discount on your purchase. Dining Dollars are accepted at Philbrook, Holloway Commons, MUB Union Court, Cornerstone Cafe, Wildcatessen, UNH Dairy Bar, Zeke’s, Albert’s, and Philbrook café. Dining Dollars may also be used in campus vending machines and Dunkin’ Donuts, but the discount does not apply. Dining Dollars are valid during the academic year of purchase only. Balances carry over from Fall Semester to Spring Semester but expire at the end of meal service in May. Dining Dollars are not refundable.

13.5 Dining Access

Access to Holloway Commons and Philbrook Dining Hall for all meal plan holders is via a biometric finger/vein scanner at the entrance to the dining hall. Finger/vein scanning is mandatory for unlimited and swipe meal plan holders and meals are not transferable. Any attempt to gain entrance for multiple persons is prohibited. Such fraudulent actions will result in penalties to all parties. Dining Dollars (encoded on your UNH photo ID Card), Cat’s Cache, Cash, Credit Card and Apple Pay are also accepted.