17 Meetings and Speakers


  1. Meetings in the Memorial Union Building are scheduled through the MUB Scheduling Office. See www.unh.edu/mub for scheduling and policy information.
  2. Requests of off-campus organizations. The use of rooms that are not otherwise under the authority of a University department, College, or unit, by off-campus organizations must be authorized by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs or their designee, except in the case of conferences and institutes.
  3. Requests for use of academic classrooms from recognized student organizations for meetings of their membership are handled by the Registrar’s Office Scheduling Department.

Meetings with Outside Speakers

  1. The basic guidelines for the University’s Speakers Policy are the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution. The rights of freedom of speech and peaceable assembly are fully protected.
  2. Any University organization or University group may invite any speaker it desires; however, the following procedures will provide effective advanced information to the University to avoid scheduling conflicts and to assure notification about special requirements.
    1. The University organization or group must clearly state in the invitation and in its attendance publicity that the speaker is a guest of the sponsoring group.
    2. The Vice President for Finance and Administration or designee shall specify conditions prerequisite for maintaining order at campus meetings, in accordance with law and applicable University policies, which shall be applicable to all organizations and groups. The University may, within the reasonable interpretation of its mission, limit the time, place, and manner of the presentation. The unit or group shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Vice President or designee that compensation will be made to all servicing departments for all expenses resulting from the meeting, including security, arrangements, and clean up.
  3. No organization or group may preclude the right of reply through disallowing questions or comments following the speech.