Wireless Communication Systems (Graduate Certificate)


Wireless communication systems play a central role in today’s technological ecosystem. They connect people and devices in diverse environments, from homes, to businesses, to roads, to battlefields. This certificate program will provide students with the fundamental concepts necessary to understand and work with  various aspects of wireless communication systems, from antennas, to modeling electromagnetic propagation, to signal processing, to multiple-­antenna communications.

Applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. Degrees in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, related engineering field preferred.

The program of study required for the certificate consists of at least four courses totaling 12 credits.

Required Courses
ECE 901Electromagnetic Wave Theory I3
ECE 920Wireless Communication Systems3
Select two of the following
ECE 814Introduction to Digital Signal Processing4
ECE 824Ubiquitous Computing Fundamentals4
ECE 924Ubiquitous Computing3
ECE 900A
ECE 900B
Research and Development from Concept to Communication I
and Research and Development from Concept to Communication 2
ECE 941Digital Signal Processing3
ECE 960Computer Architecture3