Business Analytics (Graduate Certificate)

A new graduate certificate in Business Analytics is under development for Academic Catalog year 2019/2020.

Why get a graduate certificate in business analytics?

You have access to more and more data each day. But how can you best utilize that data to drive business decisions that will benefit your enterprise? The need for professionals in every industry to develop competencies in analytics techniques and applications is growing at an unprecedented pace. PWC reports that 75 percent of companies are missing the skills and technology to make the best use of the data they collect; and a shortage of 1.5 million managers and analysts who can effectively use analytical concepts to make decisions is forecasted as of 2018.  A graduate certificate in business analytics will help you make a positive impact on your enterprise’s performance and provide knowledge and skills to stand out in the job market.

Why get your graduate certificate in business analytics at UNH?

You will learn from UNH faculty who are world-class researchers and teachers with growing expertise in data sciences and business analytics. You will learn alongside other experienced professionals, some who are pursuing graduate degrees such as the MBA. If you later decide to pursue an MBA, the 12 credits earned in the certificate will reduce your time to complete the MBA by 25 percent! The certificate program is comprised of four courses, three of which are required and one elective to customize the certificate toward your own interests. What you learn will enable you to bring added value to any organization through data analysis and visualization; predicting/forecasting future probabilities and trends; and helping decision makers evaluate and determine the best ways to achieve business objectives in resource-constrained environments, while also quantifying the risk present in business situations due to uncertainty.