Public Administration (PA)

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PA 800 - Foundations and Theories of Public Administration

Credits: 3

Introduction to essential aspects of public and non-profit administration. Critical concepts and theoretical bases; operational nature of public and non-profit administration; contributions of key scholars and practitioners to the study and understanding of public and non-profit administration.

PA 801 - Courts and Public Policy

Credits: 3

Impact of judicial decisions on public policy and influences on judicial decision making at the federal, state, and local levels. Also listed as POLT 801.

Equivalent(s): POLT 801

PA 802 - Grant-writing for Public and Non-profit Sectors

Credits: 3

This class provides students with a comprehensive overview of the process for writing proposals for grant funding. Students will learn to research funding opportunities and write the various sections of a funding proposal. Students will learn the differences in seeking grants from foundation, corporate, and government funders will be explored. In addition to individual projects, the class will work as a group to research, write, and submit a funding proposal for a nonprofit or municipal government program.

Equivalent(s): POLT 802

PA 803 - Performance Management in Public and Non-Profit Organizations

Credits: 3

This course will explore a major aspect of public management, an advanced management tool that can help managers gain efficiencies and increase accountability. Theoretical foundations and practical applications of performance measurement and management techniques will examine how managers, government and non-profit, might utilize performance measurement to make budgetary decisions and improve organizational performance.

Equivalent(s): POLT 803

PA 804 - Policy and Program Evaluation

Credits: 3

Policy and program evaluation of federal, state, and local governmental enterprise; focuses on the politics, practices, and methods of evaluative investigation. Evaluation as a technique for providing rational information for budgetary and policy-making decisions.

Equivalent(s): POLT 804

PA 805 - Introduction to Statistical Analysis

Credits: 3

Quantitative research, design and analysis methodology, and techniques for political science and public policy and administration.

Equivalent(s): PA 905

PA 806 - State and Local Government

Credits: 3

Advanced study of powers, politics, political cultures, and constitutional settings of American state and local government. Also listed as POLT #806.

Equivalent(s): POLT #806

PA 807 - Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations

Credits: 3

This course will familiarize students with federalism and intergovernmental relations including conceptual/historical foundations, theoretical approaches, policy networks, and contemporary issues and challenges. Historic and current issues in federalism, political and policy challenges facing the three levels of government, and government's efforts to be responsive to citizens' needs and demands will be examined. By the end of the course, students will have developed solid comprehension of how intergovernmental relations impact policy decision making and delivery in the public and non-profit sectors. Also listed as POLT 807.

Equivalent(s): POLT 807

PA 808 - Administrative Law

Credits: 3

Examines the legal rules governing regulatory agencies, in the US. Topics include regulatory adjudication and rulemaking, legislative and executive control over administrative agencies, judicial review and public participation. Course examines federal and state levels of government. Also listed as POLT 808.

Equivalent(s): POLT 807

PA 809 - Organization and Management in Public and Non-profit Sectors

Credits: 3

Introduction to key actors, theories, and concepts in the fields of organizational theory and behavior.

Equivalent(s): PA 909

PA 812 - Leadership Theory and Practice

Credits: 3

Exploration of the major theoretical approaches to leadership, including students' and others' leadership skills, styles, roles, and practices. Students will refine their own conceptual and practical approaches to leadership in a variety of settings.

Equivalent(s): POLT 812

PA 813 - Human Resource Management in Public and Non-profit Sectors

Credits: 3

Examination of the administration, politics, and strategies of effective public human resource management.

Equivalent(s): PA 912

PA 814 - Financial Management and Budgeting in Public and Non-profit Sectors

Credits: 3

Analysis, goal setting, and strategic planning in a governmental setting, with particular emphasis on budgetary processes as a means for controlling policy effectiveness.

Equivalent(s): PA 914

PA 815 - Art of Negotiation

Credits: 3

Identification, analysis, evaluation and application of effective communication and negotiation skills. Course will include case studies and simulation/role-playing exercises.

Equivalent(s): POLT 815

PA 816 - Public Management Techniques

Credits: 3

Introduction to analytic decision-making and planning techniques applicable to public sector management.

Equivalent(s): PA 911

PA 817 - Legal and Policy-Making Environment on Public and Non-Profit Sectors

Credits: 3

Through the use of case studies, analysis and assessment of legal, institutional, social, political and economic settings within public and non-profit sectors.

Equivalent(s): PA 907

PA 818 - Non-Profit Management

Credits: 3

Introduction to governance and management in the non-profit sector: finance, development, personnel management, strategic planning, and risk management.

PA 897F - Seminar in Public Administration

Credits: 3

Advanced analysis and individual research, including opportunities for direct observation of governmental administration.

Equivalent(s): POLT 897F

PA 898F - Seminar in Public Administration

Credits: 3

Advanced analysis and individual research, including opportunities for direct observation of governmental administration.

Equivalent(s): POLT 898F

PA 908A - Capstone in Public Administration

Credits: 3


Equivalent(s): POLT 908A

PA 908B - Capstone in Public Administration

Credits: 6


Equivalent(s): POLT 908B

PA 995 - Independent Study

Credits: 1-3

A) American Politics; B) Comparative Politics; C) International Politics; D) Political Thought; E) Public Administration; F) Public Policy. The graduate student engages in independent study under the direction of one of the faculty members of the department. Permission required.

Equivalent(s): POLT 995