Languages, Literatures & Cultures (LLC)

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LLC #842 - Theory and Practice of Translation

Credits: 3

This course is designed both as an introduction to various theories and philosophies of translation and as an intensive workshop on different types of translation (literary, technical, professional, business, and health related, etc.). Translation is both a simple matter of transferring content and an intensely complex process of adapting linguistic, tonal, and cultural components of communication. The course works extensively on the craft of translation while developing detailed analyses of the theoretical and philosophical implications of choices made. Students complete various translation exercises and develop a significant final project. It is open to students at different levels of language ability but requires at least an intermediate competency. Students work at their own level. Taught in English. Prereq: Intermediate language or permission.

LLC 891 - Methods of Foreign Language Teaching

Credits: 3

Objectives, methods and techniques in teaching foreign languages from elementary grades through college. Discussion, demonstration, preparation of instructional materials, micro-teaching of the language skills, including developments in computer-aided instruction.

Equivalent(s): SPAN 891