Politics and Society Major: Law and Justice Option (B.A.)

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This option will appeal to students interested in law, justice studies and philosophy. Students learn about the structural and procedural aspects of the American legal system, law enforcement and the philosophical and ideological foundations of America’s justice system. The option prepares students for careers in law, government, legal advocacy and public service.

Students must complete 128 credits to graduate, including 44 credits in the politics and society major. Students must maintain an overall cumulative GPA of 2.0 and a cumulative GPA in the major of 2.0. No credit toward the major will be given for any course in which the student receives a grade of less than C-. Students also must fulfill the UNH Discovery Program requirements. Up to three courses may be used toward both the politics and society major and UNH Discovery Program requirements. Transfer students must take at least 28 credits in the major at UNH Manchester.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
POLT 401Politics and Society4
or PHIL 436 Social and Political Philosophy
POLT 402American Politics and Government4
POLT 403United States in World Affairs4
POLT 595Smart Politics4
PS 701Senior Project and Interdisciplinary Seminar in Politics and Society4
Select four from the following:16
Politics, Law and Contemporary Society 1
American Public Policy
Politics of Crime and Justice
Civil Rights and Liberties
Politics, Justice, and Morality
Rights and the Political Community
Social and Political-Economic Theory
Political Theory and Historical and Social Context
Civil Society and Public Policy
Justice Law and Politics
Supreme Court in US Society
People on the Move: Immigration and Refugee Policy in Global Perspective
New Hampshire Politics in Action
Selected Topics Politics and Society (International Human Rights)
Explorations (Great Trials) 2
Rights Revolution
Courts and Public Policy
Electives 38
Total Credits44

 Required course


May substitute HUMA 730 Special Studies (Great Trials)


 Any POLT or PS course

For more information, contact program coordinator Melinda Negron-Gonzales at melinda.negron@unh.edu or contact the Office of Admissions, 603-641-4150.