Literary Arts and Studies Major: Digital Language Arts Option (B.A.)

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Students in the Digital Language Arts option develop high-level critical and creative thinking skills by planning and constructing innovative, entrepreneurial digital-age projects. By conceptualizing, theorizing, and authoring cutting-edge ideas for both art and business, you'll learn to excel in every type of literacy necessary for success in the digital marketplace. This includes, in addition to conventional print literacy, literacies in visual, audiovisual, digital, transmedia, performative, augmented reality, augmented virtuality, and virtual reality environments.

For the Literary Arts and Studies: Digital Language Arts Option at UNH Manchester, students must complete a minimum of 128 credits and satisfy the University's Discovery Program and foreign language requirements, and complete a minimum of 40 credits in major coursework. The major requirements consist of a minimum of 10 courses. These 10 courses (40 credits) must include the Diversity requirement and the capstone requirement. Students in the major must earn C or higher to pass ENGL 419 Introduction to Literary Analysis, ENGL 502 Professional and Technical Writing, and ENGL 595 Literary Topics. One literary theory/poetics course is required.


Core Courses
ENGL 419Introduction to Literary Analysis4
ENGL 502Professional and Technical Writing4
ENGL 595Literary Topics (Digital Creative Writing)4
ENGL 694Special Topics in Creative Writing 14
ENGL 694Special Topics in Creative Writing 14
ENGL elective 24
ENGL 787English Major Seminar 34
ENGL 797Special Studies in Literature 44
ENGL 791English Grammar4
ENGL elective 54
Total Credits40

Must take two sections of ENGL 694 Special Topics in Creative Writing (Experimental Narratives and Introduction to Visual Narrative)


Choose 500/600-level ENGL course in literature, literary theory, or creative writing with advisor approval.


Capstone course


Variable topic seminar colloquium


Choose 500, 600, or 700-level ENGL course in creative writing, creative nonfiction, poetics, or appropriate courses in Communication Arts and allied Programs with advisor approval.

For more information, contact program coordinator Susanne Paterson at or contact the Office of Admissions, (603) 641-4150.