Business Major: Accounting Option (B.A.) UNHM

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The Accounting Option is offered in response to the growing demand for Accounting graduates in public accounting firms as well as in industry. Many local public accounting firms have expressed that with an expected high retirement rate among “baby boomers”, there appears to be a need for graduates with robust accounting credentials. Representatives from well-known CPA exam prep course firms expressed the opinion that accountants are in high demand and the unemployment rate in this industry is very low.

The Accounting Option would offer students the necessary courses to enable them to sit for the CPA exam, which is one of the major steps in obtaining a CPA license.

The requirements for sitting for the CPA exam in the State of New Hampshire are a bachelor’s degree, 24 credits in business subjects, and 30 credits in accounting subjects. The Accounting Option within the Business program provides these required courses.

Students must complete 128 credits to graduate. Each required course must be completed with a minimum grade of C-. Students must attain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in major courses required for graduation. Majors cannot use BUS 430 Introduction to Business Statistics, ECN 411 Introduction to Macroeconomic Principles, or ECN 412 Introduction to Microeconomic Principles to satisfy both Discovery Program and major requirements. Transfer students must complete at least half of their credits in the major and the 8-credit capstone experience (BUS 705 Business Ethics and either BUS 750 Business Internship Seminar or BUS 760 Applied Senior Project) in-residence at UNH Manchester.

Introductory Business Core Courses
ENGL 401First-Year Writing4
ENGL 595Literary Topics (Business Communications) 14
BUS 400Introduction to Business4
BUS 430Introduction to Business Statistics4
BUS 532Introduction to Financial Accounting4
BUS 533Introduction to Managerial Accounting4
BUS 675Special Topics in Business Administration (Microsoft Business Applications)4
ECN 411Introduction to Macroeconomic Principles4
ECN 412Introduction to Microeconomic Principles4
MATH 420Finite Mathematics4
or MATH 425 Calculus I
Select one of the following:4
Introduction to Internet and Web Authoring
Mobile Computing First and For Most
Introduction to Programming
Systems Fundamentals
Intermediate Business Core
BUS 601Financial Management4
BUS 610Marketing Principles and Applications4
BUS 620Organizational Behavior4
BUS 690Business Program Internship 21-4
or BUS 691 VITA Internship
BUS 705Business Ethics 34
BUS 750Business Internship Seminar 34
or BUS 760 Applied Senior Project
Total Credits65-68

Prerequisite is ENGL 401 First-Year Writing or equivalent.


Experiential learning is required prior to the last semester at the University. BUS 690 Business Program Internship or BUS 691 VITA Internship satisfy this experiential learning requirement.


Business Capstone Experience (two courses: BUS 705 Business Ethics and one senior business seminar [BUS 750 Business Internship Seminar or BUS 760 Applied Senior Project], fulfills the Discovery Program capstone requirement for business majors and is taken during the senior year).

Note: Because this is a bachelor of arts program, students must fulfill a language requirement. Efforts will be made to enhance fluency through subsequent courses and community experiences.

Requirements - Accounting Option

BUS 535Federal Taxation4
BUS 603Intermediate Financial Accounting I4
BUS 615Intermediate Finanical Accounting II4
BUS 720Auditing4
Select two of the following courses:8
Adv Managerial Accounting
Forensic Accounting/Fraud Examination
Financial Statement Analysis
Total Credits24

 For more information, contact Bill Troy, program coordinator, at (603) 641-4345 or, or contact the Office of Admissions, (603) 641-4150.