Wildlife and Conservation Biology Minor

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Students interested in a minor in Wildlife and Conservation Biology must complete a minimum of 5 courses and 20 credits. Up to eight credits can be used to satisfy both major and minor requirements. A maximum of two EcoQuest courses may be used to satisfy requirements. Appropriate course substitutes from other study-abroad programs may also be used with permission.   

Category 14
Principles of Conservation Biology 1
Wildlife Ecology
Category 2
Select one of the following:4
Field Dendrology
Forest Entomology
Vertebrate Biology
Marine Invertebrate Evolution and Ecology
Biology and Diversity of Insects
Category 3
Remaining 12 credits may be chosen from the following:12
Wildlife Habitats 2
Physiological Ecology
Wildlife Population Ecology
Introduction to Biogeography 3
Landscape Ecology
Principles of Conservation Biology 1
Conservation Genetics
Wetland Ecology and Management
Tropical Ecology
Inventory and Montoring of Ecological Communities 2, 4
Sustaining Biological Diversity 2
Community Ecology
Investigations 5
Animal Behavior
Behavioral Ecology
Total Credits20

NR 661 is considered an appropriate equivalent.


Enrollments are capped and admission is not guaranteed to those pursuing a minor.


NR 660 is considered an appropriate equivalent.


 NR 663 is considered an appropriate equivalent.


NR 795 requires working with an individual WCB faculty member on a special problem/issue.