Nutrition Major: Nutrition and Wellness Option (B.S.)

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Students choosing the Nutrition and Wellness option take: (i)  four Foundation courses; (ii) three Science Core courses; (iii) four Nutrition Core courses; and (iv) thirteen courses in Nutrition and other subject areas. One capstone experience, supervised and approved within the major, is required of all seniors.  In addition, all other university academic requirements, including those for the Discovery Program and the University Writing Requirement, must be completed.

Nutrition and Wellness students are strongly encouraged to complete a minor or concentration depending on career goals and interests.

A minimum grade of C-minus or better must be earned in all NUTR courses required by the major.

Foundation Courses

BMS 507Human Anatomy and Physiology I 14
BMS 508Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
SOC 400Introductory Sociology 24
or PSYC 401 Introduction to Psychology
Choose ONE statistics course 34
Applied Biostatistics I
Statistics in Psychology

BMS 507 fulfills the Biological Science Discovery requirement and Discovery Laboratory requirement


Either SOC 400 or PSYC 401 fulfills the Social Science Discovery requirement


The statistics course fulfills the Quantitative Reasoning Discovery requirement

Science Core Courses

CHEM 411Introductory Chemistry for Life Sciences 44
BMS 501Microbes in Human Disease4
BMCB 501Biological Chemistry5

CHEM 411 fulfills the Physical Science Discovery requirement

Nutrition Core Courses

NUTR 400Nutrition in Health and Well Being4
NUTR 401Professional Perspectives on Nutrition1
NUTR 476Nutritional Assessment4
NUTR 650Life Cycle Nutrition4

Nutrition and Wellness Courses

NUTR 506Nutrition and Wellness4
NUTR 546Nutrition in Exercise and Sports4
NUTR 610Nutrition Education and Counseling4
NUTR 720Community Nutrition4
NUTR 755Treatment of Adult Obesity3
NUTR 758Practicum in Weight Management2
OT 513Stressed Out: The Science and Nature of Human Stress4
ENGL 502Professional and Technical Writing4
or ENGL 503 Persuasive Writing
HMGT 403Introduction to Food Management4
HMP 401United States Health Care Systems4
HMP 501Epidemiology and Community Medicine4
KIN 620Physiology of Exercise4
or KIN 648 Current Issues in Teaching Health
700-level elective4-5

NUTR Capstone

The capstone explores areas of interest based on the integration of prior learning. The capstone requirement may be satisfied through NUTR 720 Community Nutrition or NUTR 755 Treatment of Adult Obesity, a created work or product, or some form of experiential learning (e.g., honors thesis, mentored research project, or other special student activity).

SAMPLE Course Sequence for Nutrition and Wellness

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
NUTR 400 Nutrition in Health and Well Being 4
NUTR 401 Professional Perspectives on Nutrition 1
BMS 507 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
SOC 400
Introductory Sociology
or Introduction to Psychology
ENGL 401 First-Year Writing 4
NUTR 476 Nutritional Assessment 4
BMS 508 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
HMP 401 United States Health Care Systems 4
Discovery course 4
Second Year
CHEM 411 Introductory Chemistry for Life Sciences 4
HMGT 403 Introduction to Food Management 4
Select one of the following: 4
Applied Biostatistics I  
Statistics in Psychology  
Inquiry course 4
NUTR 506 Nutrition and Wellness 4
BMCB 501 Biological Chemistry 5
OT 513 Stressed Out: The Science and Nature of Human Stress 4
Elective (WI) 4
Third Year
NUTR 546 Nutrition in Exercise and Sports 4
NUTR 610 Nutrition Education and Counseling 4
BMS 501 Microbes in Human Disease 4
Discovery Course 4
NUTR 650 Life Cycle Nutrition 4
ENGL 502
Professional and Technical Writing
or Persuasive Writing
HMP 501 Epidemiology and Community Medicine 4
Discovery Course 4
Fourth Year
NUTR 755 Treatment of Adult Obesity 3
NUTR 758 Practicum in Weight Management 2
KIN 620
Physiology of Exercise
or Current Issues in Teaching Health
Discovery Course 4
Elective (any course) 3-4
NUTR 720 Community Nutrition 4
700-level Elective 4
Discovery Course 4
Elective (any course) 2-4
 Total Credits128-131