Animal Science Major: Dairy Management Option (B.S.)

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The ANSC: dairy management option is designed to provide students with solid training in areas important to the successful management of a dairy enterprise, for employment in related agribusinesses (e.g., pharmaceutical and feed industries), or for those wishing to pursue additional training leading to the M.S. or Ph.D. degree in dairy science or its related disciplines. Dairy management students receive training in areas such as nutrition, reproduction, diseases, genetics, lactation physiology, forages, agribusiness finance, personnel management, computer science, and public relations. The Fairchild Dairy Teaching and Research Center and the Burley-DeMerritt Organic Dairy Research Farm are modern dairy facilities. The Fairchild Dairy houses 85 lactating Holstein cows plus a similar number of non-lactating animals. The Burley-DeMerritt Farm houses 50 lactating Jersey cows plus a small number of non-lactating animals. For additional information and answers to questions regarding the option in dairy management, email Dr. Peter Erickson.

Major Requirements

Foundation Courses
BIOL 411Introductory Biology: Molecular and Cellular4
BIOL 412Introductory Biology: Evolution, Biodiversity and Ecology4
CHEM 403General Chemistry I4
CHEM 404General Chemistry II4
BIOL 528Applied Biostatistics I4
or BIOL 555 Experimental Design and Analysis Laboratory (EDAL)
BMS 503
BMS 504
General Microbiology
and General Microbiology Laboratory
Select from the following:5
Biological Chemistry
General Biochemistry
and General Biochemistry Lab
Requirements for All Animal Science/Dairy Management Option Majors
AAS 425Introduction to Dairy Herd Management4
AAS 439Fundamentals of Animal Health2
ANSC 406Careers in Animal Science1
ANSC 511Anatomy and Physiology4
ANSC 512Anatomy and Physiology4
ANSC 543Technical Writing in Animal Sciences (or equivalent) 12
ANSC 609Principles of Animal Nutrition4
ANSC 612Genetics of Domestic Animals4
Total Credits55

ENGL 501 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction, ENGL 502 Professional and Technical Writing, ENGL 503 Persuasive Writing or ENGL 419 Introduction to Literary Analysis (WI)

Students are responsible for the completion of the animal science foundation courses and the requirements for all animal science majors (both lists of courses above).

Students interested in graduate school should take two semesters of Organic Chemistry and one semester of  Biochemistry.

Animal Science: Dairy Management Option B.S. students must also complete:

AAS 423Dairy Selection2
AAS 432Introduction to Forage and Grassland Management3
AAS 574Dairy Cattle Disease Seminar2
ANSC 602Animal Rights and Societal Issues4
ANSC 650Dairy Industry Travel Course1
ANSC 698Cooperative for Real Education in Agricultural Management (CREAM) (two-semester course)4
ANSC 708Ruminant Nutritional Physiology3
ANSC 710Dairy Nutrition4
ANSC 715Physiology of Lactation4
or ANSC 724 Reproductive Management and Artificial Insemination
ANSC 727Advanced Dairy Management I4
ANSC 728Advanced Dairy Management II (will also fulfill the Capstone requirement)4
EREC 411Environmental and Resource Economics Perspectives4
Total Credits39

GPA Requirements for All Students in Animal Science

Students will be required to earn a C- or better in the foundation courses and all required courses for the animal science major to receive credit toward graduation. Students failing to do this will need to retake the course in order to receive credit.