Philosophy Major: Ethics and Social Responsibility Option (B.A.)

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While completing the philosophy major, students may select the option in ethics and social responsibility. This option provides official recognition for those who choose to emphasize concern with moral responsibility in personal and social contexts, including the political and corporate arenas.

Students must fulfill the requirements of the philosophy major.

This option requires four courses (16 credits) from those listed below, with one (PHIL 530) already strictly required for the major. Some others (PHIL 520, 525, 701, 740) can also be used to satisfy requirements for the major.

Select four of the following courses:16
PHIL 410Happiness, Well-Being , and a Good Life4
PHIL 424Science, Technology, and Society4
PHIL 424HHonors/Science, Technology and Society4
PHIL 430Ethics and Society4
PHIL 430HHonors/Ethics and Society4
PHIL 430WEthics and Society4
PHIL 436Social and Political Philosophy4
PHIL 436HHonors/Social and Political Philosophy4
PHIL 436WSocial and Political Philosophy4
PHIL 440Just Business: The Ethics of Markets and Money4
PHIL 444Remaking Nature/The Ethics and Politics of Genetic Engineering4
PHIL 450Environmental Ethics4
PHIL 450HHonors/Environmental Ethics4
PHIL 510Philosophy and Feminism4
PHIL 520Introduction to Eastern Philosophy4
PHIL 525Existentialism4
PHIL 525HHonors/Existentialism4
PHIL 530Ethics4
PHIL 635Philosophy of Law4
PHIL 660Law, Medicine, and Ethics4
PHIL 701Topics in Value Theory4
PHIL 740Advanced Topics in the Philosophy of Law4