Composition Major (B.M.)

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All bachelor of music students are required to give a public performance during their senior year, which fulfills the Discovery Program capstone requirement:

  • For students in the composition option, a full lecture, lecture-recital, or recital including at least one original composition is required.

Candidates for a degree must satisfy all of the University Discovery Program requirements in addition to satisfying the requirements of each individual major program. B.M. in music majors may use MUSI 502 History and Literature of Music (a required core course for the major) to satisfy the Inquiry Discovery category requirement, and MUSI 515 Music in World Cultures (a required core course for the major) to satisfy the World Cultures Discovery category requirement.

Bachelor of Music Core Curriculum

MUSI 471
MUSI 472
Theory I
and Theory I
MUSI 473
MUSI 474
Ear Training I
and Ear Training I
MUSI 475
MUSI 476
Functional Piano I
and Functional Piano I 1
MUSI 571
MUSI 572
Theory II
and Theory II
MUSI 573
MUSI 574
Ear Training II
and Ear Training II
MUSI 575
MUSI 576
Functional Piano II
and Functional Piano II 1
MUSI 501
MUSI 502
History and Literature of Music
and History and Literature of Music
MUSI 515Music in World Cultures4
MUSI 731Conducting2
Select any course between MUSI 703-MUSI 7153
Select one of the following:3
Analysis: Form and Structure
Analysis: Form and Structure
Select variable credits of MUSI 541-MUSI 564/MUSI 741-MUSI 764 Performance Study (Applied Lessons)Variable
Select variable credits of MUSI 441-MUSI 464 Performing EnsembleVariable
Total Credits38

Students will be given the opportunity to test out of MUSI 475 Functional Piano I-MUSI 476 Functional Piano I and MUSI 575 Functional Piano II-MUSI 576 Functional Piano II.

Bachelor of Music in Composition

Degree program has plan approval from the National Association of Schools of Music.

Select 9 credits of MUSI 771, MUSI 795 (Independent Study/Advanced Counterpoint), MUSI 781W, and MUSI 782W9
Select 4 credits of MUSI 775-MUSI 7764
Select 12 credits of MUSI 77712
MUSI 779Orchestration3
MUSI 795Special Studies (Advanced Music Theory ) 13
MUSI 795Special Studies (Electronic Music)2
Select 3 credits of MUSI 703-MUSI 715 Advanced Music History 23
Select 8 credits of MUSI 541-MUSI 564/MUSI 741-MUSI 764 Performance Study8
Select 8 credits of MUSI 441-MUSI 464 Performing Ensemble8
Total Credits52

This is in addition to the other 700-level theory classes outlined above.


This is in addition to the core required 700-level music history class.

Students in the bachelor of music in composition degree program may use a maximum of 8 ensemble credits toward graduation.

Students in the bachelor of music in composition degree are required to attend 8 semesters of composition seminar.