Italian Studies Major (B.A.)

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The Italian studies program offers courses in Italian language, culture, literature, history, and cinema, as well as courses on Italian American culture. Italian courses can also be used to fulfill Discovery Program requirements and the Bachelor of Arts foreign language proficiency requirement. The program provides opportunities both to achieve high competence in Italian language and culture and to apply these knowledge skills to other disciplines. The Italian studies program encourages independent and innovative thinking and research so that students may pursue and achieve individualized goals while they prepare for the challenges of thriving in the world community.


The Italian studies major curriculum consists of 10 courses (40 credits) that include:

ITAL 632Advanced Conversation and Composition II (or equivalent proficiency 0-24)4
Select sixteen credits minimum at 600-level or above (including ITAL 631 and ITAL 632)16
Select a minimum of one semester approved immersion experience abroad
Select two complementary courses from approved complementary disciplines of classics and humanities (courses from other disciplines must be approved by advisor)8
Select one of the following Discovery capstone requirements:4
Independent Study in Italian Language and Literature
Independent Study in Italian Language and Literature
Select one 700-level ITAL course
Select any additional ITAL courses needed to reach 40 credits8
Total Credits40

Additional Requirements

The minimum grade for each major course is a C. Once students declare the Italian studies major, they must maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average in order to fulfill the study abroad requirement. Major department courses may not be used to satisfy Discovery category requirements except in the case of a second or dual major.

List of POTENTIAL Complementary Discipline Elective Courses

This list of electives is not exhaustive. Courses from other departments can only be used to satisfy the Italian Studies major requirements after consultation with and subject to the approval of the student's advisor.

ARTS 574Introduction to Architectural History4
ARTS 677Early Medieval Art4
ARTS 678Romanesque and Gothic Art4
ARTS 681Early Renaissance Art in Italy4
ARTS 682The High Renaissance4
ARTS 683Baroque Art4
ARTS #685Graphic Art of the Renaissance and Baroque Periods4
ARTS 695IProblems in Visual Arts/Italy4
ECON 645International Economics4
EDUC 500Exploring Teaching4
ENGL 619Critical Approaches to Literature4
ENGL 651Comparative Literature4
HIST 500Introduction to Historical Thinking4
HIST 501Medieval Military History4
HIST 521Origins of Modern Science4
HIST #540Foundations of Medieval History: 300-1300 CE4
HIST 565Women in Modern Europe4
HIST 640Holy War in the Holy Land: The Medieval Crusades4
HIST #641Europe after the Black Death4
HIST 642Saints, Sinners, and Heretics: Europe in the Age of Religious Reform4
HIST 652Topics in European Intellectual History4
LLC 551Comparative Literature: Masterpieces of World Literature I4
LLC 552Comparative Literature: Masterpieces of World Literature II4
LLC 791Methods of Foreign Language Teaching4
LING 605Intermediate Linguistic Analysis4
MUSI 501History and Literature of Music3
MUSI 502History and Literature of Music3
MUSI 715Survey of Opera3
NUTR 595Mediterranean Diet and Culture4
PHIL 570Ancient Philosophy4
PHIL 580Modern Philosophy from Descartes to Kant4
PHIL 62020th Century European Philosophy4
POLT 552Contemporary European Politics4
POLT 560World Politics4