Communication Minor

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The contact for the communication minor is the department's academic adviser, Andrew Sharp.

The communication minor consists of five courses (20 credits).

Select a minimum of two of the following 400-level introductory courses:8
Introduction to Media Studies
Propaganda and Persuasion
Introduction to Language and Social Interaction
Select a minimum of two 500-level analysis courses8
Select a minimum of one advanced 600-level or 700-level course4
Total Credits20

Students who pursue a communication minor must complete five courses within the minor with a C or better at the 400 level and with a C- or better at the 500, 600, and 700 levels, and maintain a minimum grade-point average of 2.0. The two 500-level analysis courses each must have a different 400-level prerequisite and be taken before enrolling in an advanced level course. No more than two transfer courses from other institutions can be applied to the minor and all transfers are contingent upon departmental approval. No more than 4 credits of independent study can count toward the minor. No pass/fail or credit/fail courses can count toward the minor. CMN 500 Public Speaking, cannot be used to fulfill a minor requirement.