American Studies Minor

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American studies is the interdisciplinary examination of American life and culture at regional, national, and international scales. It integrates perspectives from a wide variety of disciplines, including history, English, communications, political science, geography, sociology, and the arts.

At UNH, the American studies minor is an individualized program of study that allows each student to choose from a broad range of courses offered by several different departments that best match their interests and needs. It is intended to encourage students with particular interests in the United States to develop those interests and learn more about the country from a variety of perspectives.

To earn a minor in American studies, students must complete five courses approved to satisfy minor requirements. At least one of those courses must concentrate on issues of race, gender, or ethnicity. No more than three courses may be at the 400 or 500 level, and no more than two courses may be taken in the same department. Students must earn a C-minus or better for a course to count toward minor requirements and must maintain a 2.0 grade point average in all courses taken for the minor.


A list of courses that can be used to satisfy minor requirements is posted on the program website in advance of the course registration period for each semester. The list of courses is different every semester and includes courses offered by multiple departments. Below is a partial list of approved courses taught in recent semesters (see the program website for complete lists):

AMST 444BNew Orleans: Place, Meaning, and Context4
AMST #444EFly Fishing and the American Experience4
AMST #604Landscape and American Culture4
ANTH 697Special Topics4
ARTS 693American Art4
CMN 505Analysis of Popular Culture4
CMN 607Persuasion in American Politics4
CMN 757Public Address and the American Experience4
EDUC 717Growing up Male in America4
ENGL 444GEthnic America: Readings in African American, Asian American, NativeAmerican and Latino/a Literature4
ENGL 515American Literature I Conquest Nation: First Contact to the Civil War4
ENGL 517Introduction to African American Literature and Culture4
ENGL 738Topics in Asian American Studies4
ENGL 739American Indian Literature4
GEOG 514Geography of the United States and Canada4
GEOG 5154
GEOG 6104
HIST 405History of Early America4
HIST 406History of the Modern United States4
HIST 410Historic Survey of American Civilization4
HIST 506African American History4
HIST 600Explorations4
HIST 603European Conquest of North America4
HIST 611Civil War Era4
HIST 613American Ways of War4
HIST 618American Environmental History4
HIST 622History of American Thought4
HIST 620Foreign Relations of the United States4
ITAL 444AItalians Come to America: Representing Emigration and Immigration on Both Sides of the Atlantic4
KIN 561History of American Sport and Physical Culture4
MUSI 405Survey of Music in America4
NR 701Ecological Sustainability and Values4
POLT 402American Politics and Government4
POLT 403United States in World Affairs4
POLT 500American Public Policy4
POLT 508Supreme Court and the Constitution4
POLT 523American Political Thought4
PSYC 775Madness in America4
RMP 511Issues of Wilderness and Nature in American Society4
THDA 450History of Musical Theatre in America4
WS 405Gender, Power and Privilege4